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Monkey Chop

If you've been following me over on Instagram you know I recently picked up two more late-70s Honda Z50s to add to my Evil Monkey (aka Snow Monkey in the winter).  One clearly caught fire so I call it the Toasted Monkey.  I'm rebuilding that one for my kids (and they're helping!).  The other was pretty much just a frame so it's a blank canvas for me that I'm calling the Monkey Chop.

It won't look exactly like this but here's a quick mock-up of the direction the Monkey Chop is going:

Now I just need to crank up this song in my garage to get motivated.  It's classic disco from 1979 and it's perfect!!!

2018 Progressive International Motorcycle Show - Part 5

Here are some choppers featured at the 2018 Progressive International Motorcycle Show.  First up is Zack's panhead.

Bob's Evo and Panhead:

Mike's shovelhead:

Not sure who built these but these two bikes were cool.

I'll wrap it up with Eric's shovel.

2018 Progressive International Motorcycle Show - Part 4

Would you believe that this is a Royal Enfield?

To provide a little contrast, here's their new Himalayan adventure bike:

Here are some photos of the stunt show on Sunday.

After the stunt show, I took my kids to hear Lisa Brouwer talk about her cross-country motorcycle trip, following the trail of the Avis & Effie Hotchkiss, mother and daughter, who did it on a Harley Silent Gray Fellow (with sidecar) about 100 years earlier.  My daughter thought Lisa's talk was the best part of the whole show.

Photos wrap up tomorrow.  Choppers ahead!

2018 Progressive International Motorcycle Show - Part 3

It's always cool to see local builders and companies featured including The Moto Collective and CROIG (Cafe Racers of Instagram).  Here's a fun fact... Cafe Racers of Instagram has only posted 300 more photos on Instagram than I have (we're both approaching 3,000)  but they have nearly a million more followers than I do.  I'm clearly doing something wrong and it's probably a combination of my obsession with Sportsters and total lack of high definition slow motion drone footage.

While I tend to take photos of custom and vintage bikes, the show is really about featuring new bikes from all the big manufacturers.  There were new two bikes I was interested in.  First is the new Fat Bob 114.  I really want to test ride one of these as I've heard nothing but good things.

The other is a Honda Grom, which I somehow failed to take a photo of so here's a similar Suzuki.  I love mini bikes.

Here a few more bikes from around the show...

I think engine cutaways are cool and I don't recall seeing a suspension cutaway before.

BMW had this setup... and I'm just going to leave this right here.

Two more days of photos ahead!

2018 Progressive International Motorcycle Show - Part 2

One of this craziest bikes at the show was this tie dyed panhead.  From across the room, I knew who the builder was.  Rick Fairless' bikes are not subtle.

There was a section of vintage bikes at the show including this more traditional panhead.

Also quite vintage was Jason's flathead, featured prominently near the entrance of the show:

I went to the show Saturday and went back Sunday with my kids.  Here are a few photos from the stunt show on Saturday featuring Vicki Golden:

Come back tomorrow for more pics!

2018 Progressive International Motorcycle Show - Part 1

Photos from the 2018 Progressive International Motorcycle Show... posted in 2017???  I've fallen so far behind blogging that I'm now time traveling to get ahead.   In reality, the show just moved up due to Minneapolis hosting the Super Bowl this year.  The bike that caught my eye when I first walked in was this Indian with airplane sidecar.

Yes, it's ridiculous, but the craftsmanship is outstanding... some might say riveting.

Speaking of Indian, they had their drool-worthy FTR1200 on display.  Social media was quick to point out how I had confused this bike with their FTR750 and/or their actual race bike.  Oh well, I deleted the post.  Next time they should just put a sign on it.

Speaking of flat track, here's Harley's bike next to an Indian for green screen photos.  Was the Indian deliberately placed in front of the Harley for realism or was it just my camera angle?  Hmmmmm.

When I think flat track, I don't think BMW but check this out:

To wrap up the Indian bikes, here's a polished Scout (I appreciate the work, but still think this motor is ugly).

Keino does incredible metalwork and this is his take on a Scout.  To me it looks like a superhero or a robot.

More photos tomorrow!

Hell On Wheels Chopper Show 2016 - Part 5

We arrived at the Franklin Tap in Franklin, IA.

Live music was playing, beer was flowing, and the scene was set for another day of partying but for me the road was calling.  I had such an awesome ride down that I wanted more so I slipped away and headed back on the road... directly into more rain.

Thankfully, it passed quickly and I headed toward Anamosa.

I had been meaning to get down to the National Motorcycle Museum and it definitely did not disappoint.  I took a bunch of photos there that I'll have to post another time.

The ride home was good.  I don't remember all the roads I took but it was a much more direct route than what I took to get down there.

By the time I got home, I covered 1,044 miles and smashed just about as many bugs with my face.

I hope to make a lot more memories this year as Hell On Wheels 2017 is tomorrow!!!

Hell On Wheels Chopper Show 2016 - Part 4

As it got later in the morning, more people started to wake up.

Once everyone was awake and managed to get their bikes started, we headed off for a scenic ride to the show.  I can only imagine that my 2008 Road King stuck out a bit, nestled in a pack of choppers.  It would be in the eye of the beholder to determine which was the anachronism.

Coverage wraps up tomorrow!

Hell On Wheels Chopper Show 2016 - Part 2

More photos from the magical Weaseland...

Enough pre-partying... come back tomorrow for more pics!


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