11th Blogiversary

Gophers and Cheese is 11 years old today.  I probably should have made a bigger deal for the 10th but, you know... pandemic.  Stay safe out there, keep looking forward to good times ahead, and don't lose your sense of humor.  The fact you're reading a rodent & dairy-themed motorcycle blog is a clear sign that hope is not lost.

I've been pretty bad at blogging over the last few years.  I still went to a lot of shows and took lots of photos (except last year) so, over the coming weeks (months?) I will dip into my photo archives and share photos from some of the shows that I never blogged about.  Far be it from me to deny someone out there the thrill of saying "hey look, some random dude took a picture of my bike and put it on the Internet."  I doubt I'll get through all of them before getting burnt out on photo editing and blogging again but we'll see how it goes.

New Focus Feature

Chopper Charlie gives us the lowdown on the upcoming Choppertown Camparound Phoenix here.

Vintage Torque Fest, May 2019 - Part 7

So if you couldn't tell from the 300+ photos I've shared so far (not counting the ones below), Vintage Torque Fest is awesome.  I was bummed I had to pack up a little early.  I ended up not feeling well (legit sick, not a hangover) and sleeping in a tent next to my bike really didn't help.  I didn't think another night in the cold, damp tent was a good idea so I took the photos below, packed up, and rode home.  It was a great couple of days and I want to thank John Wells for the hospitality.  This year's event is being held 4/30-5/1, 2021.

Vintage Torque Fest, May 2019 - Part 6

As night turned into the next day (a few giant fireballs later), Day Two of Vintage Torque Fest was finally underway and it started off with the Tuff Mudder mini bike races!

Coverage from Torque Fest 2019 concludes tomorrow!

Vintage Torque Fest, May 2019 - Part 5

No, I'm not done posting photos from Vintage Torque Fest 2019!  There are more tomorrow too... and the next day.  Don't worry about any of that as this post has it all... A classic shaggin' wagon, mini bikes, choppers, hot rods, hot rod dirt track racing, and even a demolition derby.  Hell yes.

This nearly wraps up photos from day one.  Torque Fest was two days!!!



Old Strange Days photos from:

Last day to enter our photo contest

It's time to kick Ol' Man Winter in the corner for a bit. Swing over to Instagram to enter our annual photo contest for the chance to win a 200.00 gift card from our pals at Biltwell.

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Vintage Torque Fest, May 2019 - Part 4

The photos from Vintage Torque Fest 2019 continue...

Oh yeah, more photos tomorrow!



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