i wish this post was of the "its all over now thanks" variety but unfortunately we have been taking things one step at a time in what appears will be a long and expensive process. its been roughly 3 and a half weeks since the incident in waco. the 3 members of our club that were detained are currently out of confinement and back at home with their families, but unfortunately not without a price. bond conditions include they are not to have any contact whatsoever with anyone in any motorcycle club, including ours, and including each other. gps ankle monitors which cost 750 per month that we have to pay for, assure that they will not leave travis county, no drinking and 10 pm curfew. we were able to get jon and therons bikes out of impound, but they will not release ryans until we sort out a registration concern, and for the moment we believe they wont be trying any sort of civil forfeiture. and so nearly 40 grand later, lives turned upside down, here we are. in a holding pattern with rights removed while the waco legal system takes its time trying to figure out what the hell they are doing. its very difficult for me not to start in on all that right now but im trying to keep this post a little more upbeat, for the time being anyway.

 we all want to say a sincere thank you to everyone who donated money, bought a shirt, or simply provided words in support. three of us were arrested and charged but this ordeal has affected all of us, and our families a great deal. EZ nelson and the guys at razorhoof printing here in austin came through for us in a HUGE way with the shirts and donated most of the supplies and ALL of their time to help us raise money. i dont think they were prepared for the amount we needed, we certainly werent. but the first round of shirts went to the post office this morning and we will be shipping the rest out a day at a time over the next few days, so if you ordered one thanks so much for your patience and support. there will be a couple of benefit shows in austin this weekend june 12th and 13th, at the lost well , who also have been very supportive and helpful to us, so please come out and support and say hi and all that, i dont think most people realize how much it matters to us to hear it and see we arent alone in all this. we should have a few shirts available for sale there also, while they last.

we expect to run out of local sales after this weekend but there will be a second run of these shirts available online very soon, so if you missed out on the first one or just want to get more please check back, we will make some announcements when they are ready.

once again, and we cant say it enough, thank all of you so much for your support. we love all yall and hopefully real soon we can get back to what we started this club for, riding choppers.


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