It's sad that I don't post here anymore. I loved vomiting images, ideas, and stories at my visitors. I'm sorry

 I made shirts for this Holiday of 2019. They will be for sale Sunday Dec.15 Noon
pacific standard time. Every order of over Two shirts ore more will recieve a free keychain
that looks like a lollipop with out a stick, but trust me, it is not edible. Well everything is edible if you
chew it, but these will harm you. Back to the shirts..... they came out really nice. USA made, printed here in town, and guess what...... both the short sleeve and long sleeve have pockets. Enjoy your time here on Earth. Don't buy these if your broke, buy some canned food or pay some bills. But if you can, you help keep this 4Q steam engine going. Its small, its just me. Anyone can do it, but i really try to stick to my beliefs and not make it gross. Someday when I'm old (hopefully) and working at the hardware store selling LED lightbulbs to aliens I will look back on these days and smile at the simplicity of it all. Happy Holidays earthlings.

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