The Born Free 3 Knucklehead


Few motorcycles become legendary the first day their owners kick them. The Born Free 3 knuckle is one such machine. Unless you've been hiding under a rock, you're probably familiar with this bike and the men who made it happen. This beautiful machine was built by Kiyo at Garage Company in Inglewood, California, with one purpose in mind: to give it away. Well, not quite "give." To win it, you need to be holding the winning ticket. Those tickets are free when you buy a $25 poster from the event organizers. Imagining winning a Garage Company custom for 25 dollars. Mind boggling.



The Born Free crew gave Kiyo little direction on the project. Broad strokes only, then they left it in his capable hands as the world watched through blogs and countless promotional photos during the build process. Kiyo rebuilt the FL engine and '47 trans early on and then moved to the countless parts that were modified or built from scratch: the tank, fender, sissy bar, handlebars, risers, remote oil filter, pegs, pipes, seat pan, chain guard, petcocks, mid-controls, mouse trap, and so on. The result? A stunningly understated, classy chop built by a guy who truly loves his craft.

The Born Free show date is June 25th, 2011.

See more here: Garage Company

Click here to get a Born Free 3 Poster/Ticket

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Commented on 4-25-2011 At 03:31 am

This is the badest bike ever, I'm praying to the biker gods so I can win.

Commented on 4-25-2011 At 04:01 am

Nothin' about it I would change.. Absolutely gorgeous, amazing work!

Commented on 4-25-2011 At 05:07 am

considering making the trip from the burg, to have a chance at the biker lottery, bike is so sweet

Commented on 4-25-2011 At 06:07 am

that thing is perfect

Commented on 4-25-2011 At 07:02 am

anyone know if you have to be present to win?

Commented on 4-25-2011 At 07:45 am must be present to win.If you buy a poster w/free ticket and for some crazy reason you are unable to attend you must have some one present with your ticket to accept the bike. We all want to see the winning ticket pulled and have the winner out in the crowd.

Commented on 4-25-2011 At 07:46 am

From the Born Free Blog:
"If you can not make the show someone must be present for you with your entry to claim the prize."

Commented on 4-25-2011 At 07:47 am

I'm too slow

Commented on 4-25-2011 At 08:07 am

thanks...might have to find someone i can trust who can make it out there. i don't think the army is gonna let me take off for it.

Commented on 4-25-2011 At 08:40 am

got my ticket

Commented on 4-25-2011 At 08:40 am

Seen this bike a handful of times in person, so many details, great build

Commented on 4-25-2011 At 08:40 am

Seen this bike a handful of times in person, so many details, great build

Commented on 4-25-2011 At 09:57 am

Wouldn't change a thing. Not one thing.

Commented on 4-25-2011 At 01:59 pm

that engine looks soooo nice. congrats to whoever is lucky enough to win it!

Commented on 4-25-2011 At 03:50 pm

Hey people.... I have been riding it around and the motor sounds so good and feels so tight & together whoever wins this is gonna shit! yes shit! It rides better than it looks. It fires up so easy and is really easy to ride.The poster/ticket sales is how the show gets paid for and how we still keep it free.We really appreciate the early support and please keep it going.

Commented on 4-25-2011 At 04:24 pm

so if you call #0957...that'd be pretty rad. just sayin'.

Commented on 4-25-2011 At 07:39 pm

Bringing an extra pair of chonies just in case!

Commented on 4-25-2011 At 08:12 pm

Diggin it!

Commented on 4-25-2011 At 08:45 pm

insanity. its beautiful.

Commented on 4-26-2011 At 05:23 am

definitely one sick looking bike... top 5 on ChopCult...

Commented on 4-26-2011 At 06:48 am

I wish that I was lucky enough to win a rad ride like that. Not sure often I would ride it though. Yeah right I would be kicking that pig every where I was going.

Commented on 4-26-2011 At 06:44 pm

Dean: "is it wrong to gave am erection right now?"
Rex: "it would be wrong not to"

Commented on 4-27-2011 At 09:27 pm

man that thing is a beaut!

Commented on 4-28-2011 At 06:23 am

Damn it, I wish I could make it out there to see this bike!

Commented on 6-24-2011 At 09:26 am

Stunning Killer Bike!

Commented on 4-4-2012 At 08:28 am

beautiful in every way!

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