Scotty Dettwiler's 1969 HD FLH

Scotty Dettwiler and I have been friends since around 2015. Like most things these days, we connected online through Instagram. Between a love for choppers, skateboarding, and cameras we immediately connected. At the time we met, he had just built a really cool shovelhead that had hours upon hours of metal finish on it but hadn’t had any real photos of it, so it made an opportunity for us to meet. I was traveling down the coast of California on a road trip from Washington and made it a point to stop in and get some photos.

After that we kept in touch and have been able to go on a lot of great motorcycle trips and events together over the years. Scotty has an amazing set of skills that cannot be missed. This ‘69 is no exception. Everything from his fabrication to his paintwork is top notch. I like being able to look at a bike and just be in awe over it. Not because it has the most obscure or ridiculous funky parts, but because it’s so clean and tastefully done. That’s what most people don’t have an eye for and that’s a huge reason I love his work. I hope you enjoy looking at it as much as I do.

Owner name, location: Scotty Dettwiler- Juniors Hand Made, Costa Mesa, CA

Chop Cult Member profile: Scottyd

Engine, year and make, model, modifications: 1969 HD FLH

Frame: Hardtailed 1969 frame

Fork: Modified Hydraglide trees, 4”+ over with Barneys lowers.

Chassis mods: 1” lower axle plates, sheet metal fins on down tubes, windowed neck

Next modification will be: Nada

"Paint is a custom color I sprayed with paneling, flames and 24k gold leaf building and pin striping, all done myself."

Other mods: All parts are one off polished stainless steel that I fabricated with a couple parts from Prism Supply and PangeaSpeed.

"This bike is my daily, road trip bike, camping vessel, parts prototype, whatever I need it to do.I have a fabrication shop where I make custom chopper parts and full show bikes. Some of the parts on this ‘69 are final versions of other parts I have made and remade to make sure that before I put a part on someone else's bike and send them down the road, the part performs as it should without issue. I have ridden this bike through Mexico, around California, and a few other states, and hope to cross some more places off in years to come."-Scotty

Follow Scotty on Instagram and check out his business, Junior's Hand Made.

Article and photos by Mark Kirkland@markfkirkland

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