Orion Nebula

Wolf Motorcycles is a workshop specialized in the construction and customization of motorcycles in an artisanal and exclusive way, where there is always an aim towards the highest quality of finish. Founded in 2012, and currently headquartered in Balneário Camboriú, SC Brazil, Wolf has certainly applied this creed when they built this fine machine for Caciano. Here is Caciano's story, enjoy.

"I bought my first custom motorcycle in 2001, this 1999 Shadow 600. After the first ride I fell in love with the bike. My wife and I were so in love with the bike, that on top of our wedding cake there was a miniature of the bike. In 2010 I put the bike up for sale, my brother asked me to go for a ride with the bike and he had an accident, it wasn’t that bad but I had to fixed the bike, so instead of fixing the bike to be able to sell, I decided to customize and keep it. I enjoyed it a lot for a few years, until the desire to do a new project came, it was very difficult to find a professional who would accept to do what I wanted, many thought it was bullshit to invest time and money in to a Shadow, most advised to buy an HD, but to me it sounded absurd, no HD would replace my story with the Honda Shadow. In 2018 at the BMS Motorcycle Show,I saw a Honda Shadow build by Wolf Motorcycles Garage, It was exactly what I was thinking of doing on my bike, so I thought: "This is the right guy to build my bike". Bingo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) We talked and at the time our affinity was already clear. Danilo Bona accepted the challenge and from there ORION NEBULA was born. :) The whole process of building the bike was extremely pleasant, this certainly reflected at the bike. I won not only a new bike, I won a friend. Surely our partnership will not stop here And Shadow will now be forever in the family. " :)

Owner name: Caciano Location: Sāo Paulo, SP, Brazil

Bike Name: Oregon Nebola

Engine: 600C


Model: Shadow VLX 600

Frame: Original frame

Fork: Lucky Friends Custom Parts, Springer front end

Chassis mods: Hardtail

Tire/ wheel size: 21 Avon speed master/ Shinko classic 16

Favorite thing about this bike: The whole thing

Next modification will be: No idea

Instagram: Owner: @caciano_maciel // Customizer: @danilo_bona / @wolfmotorcycles

Facebook: Wolf Motorcycles Kustom Garage

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