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Curtis Olsak is a welder and metal fabricator by trade, who owns Speed Ball Cycle Works. Curtis’ company manufactures after-market spring struts which provide a clean, stylish look without sacrificing comfort. He is a down to earth, unpretentious, and funny guy who is highly skilled at fabrication and definitely knows how to manipulate metal. I first met Curtis at the 4 Points Cycle Show, in Madison. He was accompanied by his father who was on a shovelhead. Curtis was on a Triumph chopper with a white metal-flaked frame. It’s probably the cleanest Triumph motor I have ever seen, even after being ridden around 150 miles that day.


Since then, we’ve ridden to a couple events and hung out a few times over beers. We had a brief conversation about shooting his bike for Chopcult and months later, I asked him if he was still interested. Since it was the middle of January and everything was covered in snow here in Chicago, we decided to do the shoot at his work; a huge well-lit and heated warehouse. Below is the outcome.


Owner name, location: Curtis Olsak, Hanover Park, IL

Engine, year and make, model, modifications: 1977 Triumph, mostly stock 750cc. It runs good so I’m not messing with right now.

Frame: Factory Metal Works, 4" stretch, 2" drop, 32 degree rake



Fork: Late model Triumph Shaved legs and trees or bush.Stock length

Chassis mods: Drilled some holes, welded some tabs, and moved a cross member.

Tire/wheel size and style: Front - cute little spool laced to a 19" wheel with some crap look alike tire Back - Triumph spool hub with a 16" wheel and an Avon something tire



Favorite thing about the bike: I really just love the way it rides and handles. The oil tank is cool and the black cherry glass in the tail light is really cool too.

Next modification will be: New rim and spokes for the rear wheel. Clean up the hub while it’s apart. Get a new rear fender - The $5 swap meet fender is worth what I paid.



Other mods, accessories, cool parts, etc: Stainless steel penis shaped sissy bar with a 1930's tail light Stainless steel mids and cable activated brake Stainless steel exhaust Stainless steel bars copied off zombie performance. (Sorry, but I was broke and I really wanted them.) Stainless steel oil tank

Any building or riding story or info you'd like to include: The whole build was awesome. I had so many late nights and goofy half-cocked ideas, but everything I did or tried came with a new learning experience. I love when people ask "what kind of Harley is that?" What’s really cool though, is just getting out and riding and meeting people like you, Ken. Too bad you're taken, sexy!

Thanks to: Big thanks to my brother for all the hours he put in. He stitched my seat, painted the tank, helped pound the shit out of the oil tank, and loaned his muscles for most of the bending. Want to thank my wife for being so damn cool and not hassling me for working on the bikes non-stop and everyone else that gave a hand. Now, go to and give me all your $$ so I can raise my family. Please and Thank you!



Follow Curtis on Instagram; @meltingmetal @speedballcycleworks and Facebook.



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Commented on 2-10-2015 At 12:07 am

Helluva stylish bike!

Commented on 2-10-2015 At 06:23 am

Absolutely awesome bike AND photo shoot. Thanks for thye winter warm up.

Commented on 2-10-2015 At 06:43 pm

Fucking classy. I dig that headlight hard. Like, gay-porn hard. Sick ride boss.

Commented on 2-10-2015 At 08:10 pm

Ken, some brilliant shots in here man! Always killing it!

Commented on 2-10-2015 At 08:32 pm

Thanks so much my dude!!

Commented on 2-11-2015 At 10:27 am

Looks awesome Curtis!

Commented on 2-11-2015 At 10:27 am

Looks awesome Curtis!

Commented on 2-11-2015 At 07:06 pm

Thanks for all the kind words guys, glad you enjoy it!

Commented on 2-12-2015 At 08:33 am

Dear sweet mother of pearl. That's sexy

Commented on 2-13-2015 At 04:43 am

Love dem Turnips no matter how the're built! Great photo spread.

Commented on 3-3-2016 At 12:25 pm

That is one clean machine.

Am digging the FMW frames and am looking to hack up an already badly hacked 71 BSA and weld-on one of the Factory hardtails.

Love the pearl white and the killer tank paint.

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