JD Sansaver's Shovelhead Chopper


We met JD Sansaver on EDR II in 2008, and the creative fabricator and dedicated chopper fanatic has been a faithful friend ever since. On a busy Tuesday afternoon before Thanksgiving JD dropped everything to handcraft an intricate component for my own never-ending motorcycle project. During that visit I got to marvel at JD's work space and personal quiver of hand-built death traps.

Part one of this two-part Flying Monkey Factory expose takes a look at the proper chopper FSK affectionately calls The Electric Watermelon.



Year, make and model of frame: one-off FMF, 4 up, no out with 40-degree rake. The motor and tranny are tilted back in the frame

Year, make, model and mods on motor: stock 84” shovel with some engraving by FMF

Fork specs: old Denver’s, a total piece of shit. I had to rebuild the whole thing

Front wheel size, style and specs: 21” spool hub an Akron knock-off with Avon Speedmaster tire

Rear wheel size, style and specs: 18” Akront high flange and a narrow diamond tread from Coker tires

Transmission: stock 4-speed kicker

Primary style, brand and mods: open with a Primo clutch and suicide shift

Custom-fabbed bits: the whole bike is custom: frame, fender, seat, gas and oil tank, paint, sissy bar, handlebars, pipes from a Biltwell exhaust kit, mid controls, you name it

Thanks: Caleb Owen at Cro Customs. We did our frames at the same time and if I can’t figure something out he always comes to the rescue. Cro’s a great riding buddy and a good friend

Back story: I had a near death experience on this bike in New York during this year’s Gypsy Run. I hit a pothole and bounced about a foot off the ground. I broke some spokes, mangled the fender mounts and snapped some sprocket bolts. My life literally flashed before my eyes. New York is a fucked up place to ride fast and crazy, but it was an adventure

Next week we'll give you a behind-the-scenes look at JD's shop, and let the man paint his backstory in another installment of ChopCult's "21" interview.

Until then, please enjoy JD's musings on the Flying Monkey Fabrication blog

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Comment with Chopcult (27)

Commented on 12-9-2011 At 06:27 am

2 words... FUCKING SICK!!!

Commented on 12-9-2011 At 06:56 am

i fucking love this bike!!

Commented on 12-9-2011 At 07:45 am

That is a slick ride for sure

Commented on 12-9-2011 At 07:53 am

Nice! I love that tail light

Commented on 12-9-2011 At 08:06 am

Yay JD! Oh, I only call it the Electric Watermelon bcuz that's what he calls it...

Commented on 12-9-2011 At 08:36 am

That is so bad A$$! It's close to perfect!

Commented on 12-9-2011 At 10:56 am

The Brown Trout has been flushed, long live the Electric Watermelon!

Commented on 12-9-2011 At 11:12 am

JD has a last name?

Commented on 12-9-2011 At 12:53 pm

Proper chop indeed! I really love this bike, lots of functional creativity.

Commented on 12-9-2011 At 12:58 pm

Love it!!!

Commented on 12-9-2011 At 01:35 pm

That tank is fucking boss. Awesome bike!

Commented on 12-9-2011 At 02:26 pm

he's a nice man.

Commented on 12-9-2011 At 02:53 pm

this bike looks alot better with camping gear strapped to the sissybar carving corners like a hot knife thru butter.

Commented on 12-9-2011 At 06:37 pm

I love shovels, and that one is a beauty. Dig the whole buld.

Commented on 12-9-2011 At 06:50 pm

The bike is perfect, as are his sideburns. Fine job JD!

Commented on 12-10-2011 At 06:25 am

nice that Chicago lamp looks killer for a taillight even though there a big light it fits the bike great

Commented on 12-10-2011 At 10:36 am

Sweet ass bike for sure!! I've admired it since the first time I saw it!

Commented on 12-10-2011 At 01:06 pm

Freakin sweet dude!!

Commented on 12-10-2011 At 02:02 pm

I've been seeing pics of the bike everywhere latley...and they all suck! LOL good to see some detail shots of this awesome machine!

Commented on 12-10-2011 At 04:25 pm

one of my favorite bikes I've seen yet! I got a couple pictures of this bike saved as inspiration.

Now in the pics I've seen there is a an electronic display that goes on the bike. What was that?

Commented on 12-10-2011 At 09:50 pm

I hate jockey shift and I hate Caleb Owens (that has nothing to do with the bike, but needed to be said). Yet I love the watermelon and JD. We literally just finished three days of work resurrecting a bent-ass, presumably 1946 knuckle frame. JD made it work, bringing a lost soul back to chopper life. His work is amazing, among the best. The watermelon reflects that and the level of craftsmanship he possesses.

Commented on 12-11-2011 At 06:58 am

JD gets it.

Commented on 12-11-2011 At 09:45 am

That bike is just absolutely amazing. great attention to detail. just fucking sweet all the way around.

Commented on 12-11-2011 At 10:20 pm

Kevin, no hate'n just fornicate'n. And remember.


Commented on 12-12-2011 At 08:33 pm

this bike draws you in and makes you want to ride it.

Commented on 12-13-2011 At 06:29 pm

thats a screaming tank

Commented on 12-21-2011 At 09:44 pm

rock n' roll hoochie koo, jd !

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