Georgia Grundle Run

Long Brothers Choppers and the Georgia Grundle Run, if that ain't country, I’ll kiss your ass. I first met these boys on the Manhandle the Panhandle show in Pensacola, Florida. Cody, Ronald, and Bruce all pulled over to make sure I was good after a bee made its way into my helmet. Later on that same run, my buddy Robbie kept having issues with his KZ chop blowing fuses and rattling parts off his headlight, and these dudes pulled over right there with us every time. I heard Cody yell “No Choppers Left Behind” one good time as he peeled off the scene on his Ironhead chopper, and I thought to myself that this dude is alright. Somewhere between the first and the last joint of that run, they all got inspired and decided it would be a sweet idea to do their run-up in the Georgia mountains.

It all started Friday night before the run in a Walmart parking lot near Talking Rock, Georgia. My buddy Robbie and I drove up from Tallahassee through the night, all stoned listening to some melodic progressive metal and of course Waylon, because of choppers. So anyways, we pull up to the Walmart at about 4am to find our other chopper colleague, Kraemer, sleeping it up while waiting for us in the parking lot. In our sleep-deprived state, we all decide it would be smart to slide on over to the local motel (that had these ridiculously tall beds by the way) and catch a few hours of quality sleep. We wake up the next morning, take our turns dropping the kids off at the pool, and head on out.

Just as we think we’re lost trying to find the place, we pull up to a gas station that happens to be right around the corner from it. We found out later that the station owner was hooking our buddy Damon up with some chicken wings. Pretty bummed I missed out on that opportunity, but there was word of a pig roast, so I got over it pretty quickly. We make our way around the corner, through a gated driveway into what seemed like somebody's old farmhouse, because it was, do the ol’ standard mingling with some old and new friends, and start setting up camp in Bruce’s backyard. There were tents, hammocks, vans and even a box truck that I’m pretty sure was some guy’s tiny house. He offered chase truck services, so I’m pretty sure nobody questioned his participation.

A couple of hours pass, which probably was more like 30 minutes, and our group of roughly 65 riders all line up making a gauntlet of bikes leading out through the gate. We all sit there idling for a minute making biker grunts and final cool guy stance adjustments until the gang starts to funnel out. So here we all go riding through the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains through Chatsworth and Fairmont, where I think we made our first and only gas stop. What made this gas stop especially interesting was the lawman talking shop with the Long Brothers dudes as some local guy rides his bike around them holding a regulation size Confederate Flag. Everyone doesn’t even think twice about what just happened, we all top off, and we’re off again. As we start making our way towards Fort Mountain, the scene started to open up. All of a sudden this backdrop of greens and blues appeared, as we set our eyes on the Appalachian range before us.The road then took us on up through some twisties until we finally made it to the top. Everyone parks, and then word of beer starts circulating as we all wander around taking in this 360-degree view of the mountains. Everyone was like, “Go to the Econoline, there’s free Miller beer there”, and the next thing you know I’ve got a cold beer in my hand. So, as we keep it responsible, only drinking one or two of those beers, somebody suggests a group photo. I then climb this nice guys 60’s model Econoline where I got the free beer and snap a shot of the entire group at the top of Fort Mountain. Pretty cool, right?! Anyways, everything settles down, and the announcement is made that we’re heading back to the farmhouse for more beers and the alleged pig roast.

Meanwhile back at the farmhouse, Miss Jeanna was working hard at cooking a pig roast with all the fixings for the returning group of riders. This girl was hand-tearing the meat off the pig at one point; it was something serious to watch. We all pull in and start settling down, more free Miller beer is distributed and people are mingling as some folks are still showing up for the party. Finally, the moment everyone is waiting for on the run, the raffle. You buy your dollar tickets and your five dollar ticket if you’re in love with the custom pinstriped Biltwell helmet that is looking all shiny at the table. All the proceeds go to aid a local disabled child whose house was destroyed in a fire, so you get to feel good about helping the community. People win some cool stuff, including me, that is all donated by the cool sponsors. Artistic Metal Design made some cool Sasquatch footprints that were hand-painted and made into trophies.Though apparently, I missed the part where they awarded them. Thirty on Two made the cool Grundle run shirts, and Miller donated 500 beers with some banners to tie the place together. Shortly after the raffle, a line starts to form; more food tickets are purchased, food appears on a plate, and then we all start partying, Though I’ll admit it was a more of good vibes-laidback-partying type of environment. Not your jumping-over-campfire kind of group, which was cool in its own right. We even had a couple of little kids running around the compound which made it feel like you were partying with family.

As things started to ramp up on the farm, we started to see a certain special batch of sweet tea take its effects on folks. All of a sudden the stars in the sky became much more interesting, but everyone was being cool and having a good ol’ time. At one point the DJ, which was a dude and his van’s stereo, played the Titanic theme song and I’m pretty sure I even heard NSYNC. As the night starts to come to a close and all the beers are sunk in, I find myself eating chicken leg quarters with the Chef of the hog feast that we ate earlier. That's about all I remember about that. We woke up the next morning all hungover, struggled as we tried to get our bikes back up into the truck, and said our goodbyes to our now larger motorcycle family.

Cody, Bruce, Ronald, Tony, Ryan, and Jeanna killed it on this run. It was about riding motorcycles with good people, making new friends, and having a good time. Really nice to have had such a super cool, respectful group, and I can’t wait for the next one on Aug 17-19 at the Copperhead Lodge in the Blue Ridge Mountains in Georgia. Follow the Georgie Grundle Run on Instagram for updates. Cheers Long Brothers!

Editor's note: I would like to welcome Nic to the ChopCult family, and I'm looking forward to working with him. Lisa.

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