DJ Snyder's Wild Card

Competitions like Old Bike Barn’s Greasy Dozen and Biltwell’s People’s Champ help shine the light on the little guy. ChopCult member DJ Synder entered the Greasy Dozen competition by creating a stunning 2006 Suzuki Katana 600 chopper. Cycle One Manufacturing made the frame, and the rest is fabbed up with random parts in his garage and swap meet finds. DJ had a build thread going since 2018, but like most builds, life gets in the way, and you need a reason to finish. “I got chosen for the Greasy Dozen build-off in November (canceled due to the virus), but it lit a fire under me to get my bike finished before Memorial Day weekend. So I spent countless hours whittling away at my massive list of things to finish. Fast forward to March. My dad walked into the hospital on March 26th @5 am with some slight breathing issues, he had just finished his battle with lung cancer a few months prior, and he ended up passing away later that same day. Which sucked and drained ALL motivation to finish this bike. A few days before he died, he FaceTimed me to make fun of how my bike isn't going to turn. We laughed, told him I'd be fine and he said that he couldn't wait to see it once the travel ban was lifted. So after a few days of me not wanting to finish this, I figured my old man would have wanted to see me complete it.” I’m sure DJ’s father is VERY proud of both his son and WILD CARD.

Owner name, location: DJ Snyder, Phoenix, AZ

Chop Cult Member profile:djMFsnider

Bike Name: Wild Card

Engine, year and make, model, modifications: 2006 Suzuki Katana 600, custom wiring harness, 5-degree ignition advance

Frame: Cycle One Manufacturing

Fork: Bone Orchard Cycles, 25” over Century-style springer

Chassis mods: 10” up, 6” forward, 52 degree rake

Tire/wheel size and style: 17” spool for the front, 16” Harley spoke for the rear

Favorite thing about this bike: It's between the massive oil cooler or the hydraulic foot clutch

The next modification will be: A small paint-matched front fairing set up or building a 1200 cc engine!

Other mods, accessories, cool parts, etc.: Fab Kevin's SV650 dual rear caliper, one-off hydraulic foot clutch, and ten feet of a cool motorcycle.

Any building or riding story or info you'd like to include: Wild Card was built for the Greasy Dozen Builder Collective. It was a challenging build for the other builders and me due to Covid shutting everything down. But during that time, thanks to my friends, I learned to do a lot of stuff that I've never done before. I built the tins, did the bodywork, and learned a lot about the painting process. This is the most hands-on build I've done, and the next one, I plan on doing it all myself.

The first 14 miles on this bike were the most intense miles I've ever ridden. The bike wasn't tuned correctly, barely ran, and had never even been out of my neighborhood. It took a few miles to calm my nerves, as I was pretty focused on handling and keeping it running. Now that I've stacked a few miles with it being tuned, I've never ridden a more comfortable chopper.

I want to thank The Greasy DozenOld Bike Barn, and all their sponsors that helped with parts to build and finish this bike. ChopCult, for all the amounts of information I used throughout the build. My father, Dan, who lost his battle with cancer earlier this year during the build, always wanted to see it finished. He never got to see it make the impossible U-turn. My lady, Kalie, for not leaving me when I spent every night buried in the garage. My three closest friends - Brad, Max, and Cass, for helping with paint and bodywork. My sister Ashley for all the cool photos she's taken. Also, everyone else kept pushing and helping me through such a terrible year.

I want to thank Daniel and Ashley for helping me with this feature. Click here to learn more about The Greasy Dozen.-Lisa

Photos by Ashley Orozco

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Commented on 4-1-2021 At 08:17 am

Beautiful ride Solid story to go with it as always.Thank you for the art so freely shared !

Commented on 4-12-2021 At 06:15 pm

Awesome build! we are in the same camp.....i cant turn either, or stop, or feel my spine anymore.....

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