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One of many perks that ChopCult provides for members is the forums. Any member can create their own build thread to showcase their latest project. I follow too many of these threads to count, but always look forward to Magnus Westermark’s threads. It seems like he can take a bunch of parts and always deliver a great, running motorcycle. He has built a swingarm shovel in the past and the Panshovel that you see here. Magnus isn't afraid to ask questions and offers input to other members. I appreciate Magnus’ contribution to the site and his membership, and I would like to thank Magnus and every member that shares their build progress on the forums. It's really cool to see how each one of you take on the task of fabrication and we appreciate you continuing to use the site to share your journey. I hope you dig Angelfuck as much as I do.



Owner name, location: Magnus Westermark. North of Sweden

Chop Cult Member profile: madmagnus

Bike name: Angelfuck (Misfits)



Engine, year and make, model, modifications: My engine was born a 1957 Harley Davidson Panhead, later modified with early shovelheads that were ported during engine rebuild. Vintage House of Horsepower cases with stock 74" panhead internals, Wiseco 9:1 pistons. Rivera hydraulic race lifters, Andrews A grind cam, Mallory ignition and S&S Super E carb.

Frame: Old repro panhead frame with mechanical rear brake, made by Edlund frames in Sweden many moons ago.



Fork: Harley Sportster, Showa 35 mm, shaved legs modified for drum brake. Trees were also shaved and welded for a smoother look.

Chassis mods: Frame was extensively repaired from years of abuse by previous owners, lots of welding, cutting, and grinding to bring it back to good standard. Tank and dash mounts were cut off. Powdercoated gloss black. Added mounts for ‘Frisco gas tank, saddle hinge, medium high mids, passenger pegs, and rear fender mount.



Tire/wheel size and style:

Front: Avon Speedmaster 3x21" on Akron rim, Japanese front brake of unknown origin.

Rear: Avon MK2 4x18 on aluminum high shoulder Sportster rim and star hub.


Favorite thing about this bike: The reliability, as long as I ride it frequently she's a one kicker, comfortable to ride, and the most beautiful engine Harley (n)ever made.



Next modification will be: I will make some changes to the frontend during the winter. The fork will probably be changed to a slicker 33.4 mm or a springer, haven't really decided yet. I'm trying hard to go easy with this one, would like to just leave it alone and ride but it's hard when you have that constant urge to improve everything.


Other mods, accessories, cool parts, etc: Almost all of the custom parts on the bike are made by me in stainless steel. Sissybar, handlebars, shifter, headlight mount, mid pegs, and pipes but the best thing I probably did is the marriage between a short panhead driveshaft and a late shovelhead 4 speed with support bearing. I have seen too many cracked panhead gearboxes to want one. This mod made my primary 3/4" wider than normal but I can live with that.



Any building or riding story or info you'd like to include: This is my second Harley build in two years, I found this ‘Frisco style short chopper for sale locally in September last year, it had a nice frame and wheels and a freshly rebuilt cone shovel engine. Brought it home and immediately started to tear it down to atoms. During last winter I sold everything but the frame, wheels, fork, and gearbox and started to look around for a new engine. Bought back my old Haifley bros seats from my previous bike and ordered a new gas tank, rear light and air cleaner from Lowbrow and started to piece things together, made a lot of parts that no one will ever notice and others that are clearly visible. Rebuilt the "new" engine myself and was finally ready for the first test run by the end of April.


Beside some issues with the og generator, solved by buying a brand new Cycle Electrics, there's been a problem free summer with about 1600 miles on the road so far.


The 5-day ride to Fückerfest in July was the best experience so far, totaling a 1200-mile ride trough Sweden with great friends, to meet up with other great people for one fantastic party. That's the kind of memories that makes you pull through the cold winters here.



Thanks to: First of all, I would like to thank my wife and kids, without you I'm nothing. Henrik Sjoberg for the awesome paintjob and Peter Sjodin for porting my heads. And last but not least all of my chopper friends that let me ride with you.


A special thank you to ChopCult for being a big source of inspiration and for giving choppers a global home.



Social media links - Instagram: @madmagnus

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Commented on 11-24-2016 At 03:41 pm

Beautiful ride. Gotta love those ole bikes

Commented on 11-24-2016 At 03:41 pm

Beautiful ride. Gotta love those ole bikes

Commented on 11-24-2016 At 07:14 pm

clean build

Commented on 11-24-2016 At 11:11 pm

built to perfection. You totally captured that Fresno vibe with your build.

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