Cycle Monster Book of How-To Vol. 2 "Signature Series"

ChopCult member Rob Hudnut a.k.a. Cycle Monster, graciously allows us a sneak peek at his latest HOW-TO Book Vol 2. Cycle Monster’s Vol. 1 "Signature Series" was a hit for all enthusiasts who prefer to work on their motorcycle, and Rob's detailed step-by-step illustrations will walk you through any issues with ease and help you get back on the road. I asked Rob a few questions about Vol. 2. Enjoy!

What can folks expect to see in Cycle Monster Book of How-To Vol. 2 "Signature Series"? They'll be enjoying the same kind of Cycle Monster How-To's that they love. The same style of art, humor, and tips but all new topics and ideas. There's a few new surprises in Vol. 2, but you'll have to pick up a copy for yourself to check it out!

How long did it take to develop the final draft? I'm finding that each volume takes about one year to complete. I pick out interesting topics and then do a bunch of research and fact-checking. Then I create all the layouts, fonts, designs, and silly jokes. Once all the how-tos are finished, I have to design and edit the book and apply it for an LCCN and ISBN. It takes a lot of time, but I like being hands-on and deciding how I want the book to look. I think a year gives me just enough time that I don't burn out. I don't want to feel stressed out on deadlines because that takes the fun out of it for me. It's all just for laughs, always has been.

How many pages is Cycle Monster Book of How-To Vol. 2 "Signature Series", and what is the price point? I'm happy to say nothing has changed from Vol.1! Over 100 pages, just as thick, still weighs one pound and still only $45! I want to keep all the future volumes the same and look cool stacked together for the folks who buy them all. I won't be signing every copy sold, but there's an option if you want me to sign it for an extra $5., And if you choose the "Signature Series" and also want me to include someone's name for a gift, email me, I'm cool with that!

Where can people buy your book? Pre-order sale begins today (10/17/2020) and will end on Halloween!! Every pre-order purchase will receive a signed book and a surprise free Cycle Monster gift, never before offered! You can also pre-order Volume One. Please visit for all your shopping needs!

What other items do you offer at I just recently launched a full apparel line. I have tons of rad original designs on men's and women's t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, underwear, and panties. Even "onesies" for the little monsters! Other new items on the site are things like coffee mugs, buttons, and shop notebooks. I'll be offering some new poster designs as well as 25 new decal designs! And I still have some can koozies and patches for a limited time. Come on down, tell your friends! Get your Christmas shopping done early!

Anything new to expect in 2021? You bet! I'm planning on publishing a coloring book, maybe two, in between the annual How-To books. I also have more awesome items coming soon, and I'll announce them on Instagram when available.

Also, I want to say THANK YOU for everyone's interest and support of my artwork! Folks around the world have been dealing with many struggles and challenges in 2020. We have witnessed our daily lives change and have been faced with hard choices. If you're able to purchase my book through all that, I hope the illustrations and humor make your day a little lighter. If you like my stuff, please give me a follow on IG @cycle_monster.

Check out our Artist Showcase with Rob here.

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Commented on 10-16-2020 At 01:13 pm

Will there by a second printing of Volume 1?

Commented on 10-16-2020 At 03:41 pm

Add me to the list of wanting a reprint of Volume 1!

Commented on 10-16-2020 At 06:27 pm

Hello all!
I don't use facebook, so I guess I cant reply directly to you to answer questions. However, there WILL be a reprint of Volume 1! It will be available to purchase on 10/17/2020, the same day of the Volume 2 pre-sale! Thanks for your interest and support!

Commented on 10-29-2020 At 03:12 pm

I've used the roll pin method to prevent bar rotation but it eventually wallows holes in the handlebar and (if they're not steel) risers. I tossed the affected bar before the damage went too far but failure could ruin someone's day. A decisive method is clamp your bars where you want them, unbolt the riser/bar assembly from the top triple clamp, then tack weld two tabs beneath the riser cap (if yours crosses between risers like the stock HD design). The cap prevents rotation with no stress raiser. My final solution is running welded risers or running stainless Biltwell risers and stainless bars with tack welds between the inboard bottom of the bar and the risers. They should shear in a crash and if I bend the bars I can twist off the risers for reuse after unbolting the top caps. If you want to use roll pins you can drill from the bottom of the cap, seat the pin, then tap the cap onto the bar and it won't be visible (or rust as exposed spring steel pins do).

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