Christian Newman's Stainless Knucklehead

I met Christian Newman just as he was finishing a pretty wild Nissan Skyline-powered BMW 325is; shortly after this he transitioned from cars to motorcycles, and I knew that he was going to blow some minds. One of his first serious builds was for the first Greasy Dozen in 2012; he built a turbo Shovelhead, with tons of custom parts, most all fabricated by him.

Not too long after completing the shovel, I remember Christian saying he had started building a girder front end for his next project which would be powered by a knucklehead. I saw some photos and posts of him bending and polishing stainless, machining parts, and getting some of the stainless castings back, and could tell this wasn't going to be a typical girder. I had stopped by a few times, and after seeing it polished and complete as a dining room table decoration, I knew this bike would be talked about for years before he even started. Christian isn't only a very talented engineer, but he taught himself how to be an incredible machinist as well. He spent his lunch breaks, evenings, and weekends building this bike for a solid year. I think the pictures will tell the rest of the story and illustrate his extreme attention to detail and fabrication skills.

I even got to sit down and ask Christian about some of his work:

Did you have any influences on the style or ideas while building your bike? I think my style evolved as time went by because of what I was able to create was constantly growing. The complexity of the parts increased as the build went along. I tried to ensure that each piece could stand on its own while still being part of a whole.

What was your favorite part of the bike to build? Probably the headlight support bracket. It’s just this dinky little arm, but it’s made from a few layers with a groove cut in it for the wire to run through. Most people don’t notice or think the headlight just isn’t hooked up.

Least favorite or hardest part to fabricate: The headlight. I built it from many layers of stainless and the amount of time I spent welding and grinding was rough, but the final product was worth it. It took about 50 hours to make.

Owner/builder: Christian Newman

Make Model: 1940 HD Knucklehead

Frame/chassis: Stainless steel custom

Front end: Stainless steel custom

Wheels: Custom asymmetric hubs w/ Buchanan spokes

Paint: Andy Zeon

Seat: Ginger McCabe: New Church Moto

Exhaust: Stainless custom

Transmission: Custom 4 speed, from scratch kicker section.

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Brandon / @runningrichco

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Commented on 9-18-2018 At 12:46 pm

Amazing build. One of the best I have ever seen. You have a gifted talent.
Are you keeping this bike or selling it. Not that I can afford it. Russ

Commented on 9-18-2018 At 06:38 pm

Beautiful Craftsmanship..Well done sir!

Commented on 9-19-2018 At 03:50 am

Hard to imagine the amount of work put on that bike. Very inspiring details.

Commented on 9-19-2018 At 11:38 am

As sexy as it gets.

Wait, shouldn't CC be covering ctnewman's Sportster he finished this year? This bike broke the internet last year......

Commented on 9-19-2018 At 12:42 pm

The images above were captured last year for a media outlet that has since expired. Brandon graciously gave CC the opportunity to feature this bike, and I gladly accepted. FYI - I would showcase every one of Christian's builds if given a chance. He's quite talented. :-)

Commented on 9-22-2018 At 02:18 pm

Far Freaking Out ....

I followed the build as it was in the making ....
Amazing work ... !!

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