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Born Free was a bitch to shoot. There are so many top-quality bikes that it's a gaurantee that you'll miss some. I wandered around in a daze with my camera set on spray and pray. Afterwards I had high hopes of doing a few photo features, split up into different categories: panheads, triumphs, etc. The amount of hype after the show was nearly as overwhelming as the event itself and I didn't want to add to that clutter so I let the images sit a while. I never got around to organizing them, and now that this is the last week for me doing articles on Chop Cult, I thought it would be best to just pile 'em all into one big gallery. So if you've been jonesing for some chopper porn, here's an even 100 images for your veiwing pleasure.


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Commented on 1-28-2013 At 06:45 am

Nice shots, this will eat up a good chunk of my day but i just cant turn away. Thumbs up man. Sucks CC will be losing fine contributors like yourself.

Commented on 1-28-2013 At 08:15 am

Thanks for all the hard work, Bill.

Commented on 1-28-2013 At 09:07 am

Very cool thanks for sharing!

Commented on 1-28-2013 At 09:42 am

Great photos of great bikes, etc. We will miss your hard work.

Commented on 1-28-2013 At 12:52 pm

The blue ironhead is sick!

Commented on 1-28-2013 At 02:24 pm

THANKS.....I haven't been checking out CC much lately...sorry to see you go..when I go to a rod or bike show I shoot what I like...fuck everyone else!!

Commented on 1-28-2013 At 05:06 pm

ThX Bill, you have been an inspiration.

Commented on 1-28-2013 At 06:54 pm

Thanks Bill, it's sad to see the end of an era pass. But as they say, the end of one book is just a reason to begin another.

One a happier note that engraved bike is otherworldly. Holy bitchin'!

Commented on 1-29-2013 At 08:51 am

Thanks for sharing the pics Bill. Can't wait for BF5!

Much respect for Michael Barragan of

His BF4 bike is in the foreground in the first image of the gallery. Behind that is California Dreamin'. What an amazing chopper! From the flow of the bike, the lines, the paint theme carried into the seat design, the moulding on the tank & frame, nickle plating an inch thick. Incredible attention to detail, just perfect! Just a pure chop. Had the chance to hang out with him at the Artistry In Iron awards show in Las Vegas in 2011.

Great dude. Check him out. He has a unique, singular style.

Commented on 1-31-2013 At 11:15 am

That oil cooler on the rear of that knuck is a great idea.

Commented on 4-25-2014 At 12:44 pm

2 cool, I wish we had shows like this. I am from Calgary Canada. you do not see a lot of old school stuff up here. these are the kind of bike I am turning my shovel into. I am not into that wide back tire shit.

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