2020: The Year in Reverse


Every year I close the books by taking a look back at the year. I'm pretty torn as this year provided hurdles that most won't recover from through the endless stay-at-home orders and business closures. Everything was a go for 2020, and it was shaping up as one of our best years yet with event sponsorships, fantastic content heading our way, contests, giveaways, and tech articles. Then March came, and we all hit an invisible wall forcing us to take a step back and think about our future. People lost jobs, became teachers, and others struggled to put food on the table. The world took a drastic change, and online bickering was at an all time high due to stress. Mind you, this bickering was not in the forum (thanks guys) but on social media. It became a 24/7 job to keep everyone level-headed. To help offset the building stress, I created the Let's Bring Back The Fun campaign to make people focus on the good times spent with family and friends. Many took part it, and it seemed to help calm the waters for a bit. 



Artist Shawn McKinney drew up an awesome illustration for folks to purchase, and we kicked off a coloring contest with Kayla Kounes.



Kayla graciously donated an 18x24" print of "Mountain Run," a copy of Kayla and Jessi's book "Joey and the Chopper Boys" (signed by Kayla), a Inferno Art Studio pin, and stickers. We had many submissions, and Jay won Kayla's sweet package, and Cycle Source Magazine kicked in some goods as well. I need to give the Cycle Source Magazine team props for taking the lead and creating many online shows through Source Media to help folks step away from the madness. Well done, guys!



On March 17, I asked folks to promote themselves to help build their following and drum up business in the forum, and on Facebook and Instagram. Big thanks to Daniel Schechner for allowing me to use his fantastic photo in the promotion and to everyone who contributed. We also offered people the marketplace to sell their new moto-related products and gear as another venue to make some cash. 


The 2020 Greasiest Motorcycle Show

ChopCult's forum received a massive spike in views as many headed to their garage, dusted off their neglected projects, and focused on the finish line. This building surge provided the motorcycle aftermarket industry the boost needed to survive, as most companies downsized to skeleton crews while continuing to pay their staff to stay-at-home. One thing I wasn't expecting was going from promoting CC's sponsored events, to letting the community know each canceled and moved to 2021. It was sad to think about the loss of revenue for all involved. Hopefully, the upcoming events will go on as planned, with every person involved profiting! 


The One Moto Show

I want to thank Benny and Amy Stucker, Daniel Venditto, Jennifer Farris, Blane Johns, Mark Kirkland, Panhead Jim, Ryan Hummingbird, Mark Garcia, George Hart, Charlie Wiesel, Lowbrow Customs, Cycle Monster, Jesse Contreras, Nick Galaura, RibsFit Media, Johnathon Martin, and Derek Sikes for providing great content. Each person helped shine the light on new talent and old friends, supported shops, and rad events throughout this great country of ours. Their time and ongoing support are deeply appreciated. I also want to thank the crew at DicE Magazine, Pittsburg Moto, and Greasy Kulture for allowing me to showcase their latest issues. We all know print has taken a huge hit, and we've said goodbye to many outlets. Please buy a subscription and help keep print alive!

Here's a look back at some of the features we showcased in 2020:



Mike Greer's Sea-Foam Sporty

GKM Issue 78



Inside Triple's Paintwork

Rain City Garage Custom 1967 XLH



Cycle Monster Bokk of How-To Vol. 2


Shane Smith's Righteous Chopper



Night of the Troglodytes Chopper Party

Scotty Dettwiler's 1969 HD FLH



HOTP: Pittsburg Moto Issue 8


The 2020 Shovelhead Run



Boogie East Chopper Show





Tupode's Vida Dora

Eric Greenfield's Smooth Operator



The 2020 Paradise Road Show

Hell On Wheels Scramble MX - I want to thank the HOW Team for prodiving great races and a fantasic outlet for people to enjoy themselves through 2020. 



16th Annual David Mann Chopper Fest

Focus: Georgia Grundle Run



2020 Cycle Showcase

Artist Showcase with Scott Hoepker


Dan Carballo's 1972 Shovelhead


James Luther's 1967 Triumph

Ride at the Ranch


I can't say this year was a bed of sunflowers because it wasn't. It was VERY demanding as I remain the only moderator for social media and DMs. Most folks consider DMs the new way of communicating, but I tend to get overwhelmed with the endless requests. Please email me at if you need event sponsorship or anything cc related. I need to apologize to the handful of people waiting for their feature to appear on Usually, features are the easiest to handle, but I found myself juggling to move things around to help promote new events and print. When you see news on Instagram, I create the same content on CC's blogs, social media platforms, stories, and bi-weekly newsletters. Doing so takes time away from my admin duties. I'm not making excuses, just letting you know I'm spread pretty thin, and your feature will happen! I appreciate your patience.




One million thanks to Jason Ochoa, Daniel Venditto, and Jennifer Farris for contributing to CC's Instagram account. I appreciate your help over the years!!!! Thanks to Biltwell Inc., Choppahead Kustom Cycles, Duane Ballard Custom Leather, Bison Motorsports, S&S Cycle, Dixxon Flannel Co., Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys, No School Choppers, Nash Motorcycles, SPEED, Bell, MOTUL USA, Alpha 6, Grypmat, Twin Power, The Cycle Swap, Arizona Cycle Swap, and Cycle Source Magazine for supporting CC and our community through 2020. Big thanks to every person who allowed us to share their bikes, paintwork, products, and talents on CC's social media outlets. Your support grew CC's platforms to 600,000+ supporters and we apprecaite each and every one of you. The same goes to every member on as we ended this year by welcoming 61,000 to the CC family. Thanks to those who dontated goods for us to giveaway! Your kindness will never be forgotten!


ChopCult sign created by Steve at Troy Fab.


I wish you the very best for 2021!



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Commented on 12-30-2020 At 12:23 pm

Thanks for all of your hard work Lisa !

Best wishes for a great 2021 !!!

Commented on 12-30-2020 At 05:20 pm

It was what it was...2020... Happy New Year... I did party down with the Oklahomies, couldn't keep up with their free beer... To another one coming...Keep the rubber side down and the shiny side....Feel the Wind...FTW...

Commented on 12-31-2020 At 02:01 pm

Lisa, Queen, you are an amazing human, and I am SO lucky to have fallen in with you and ChopCult. For all that you do for us, and the chopper community-1000% fam for life.

Commented on 12-31-2020 At 02:02 pm

Thank you!!! **

Commented on 1-1-2021 At 10:10 am

I appreciate everyone's comments and support.
Let's kick 2021's ass!

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