2016: The Year in Reverse


It’s hard to believe that four years have come and gone since I took the keys to this funky city. ChopCult continues to grow because of your ongoing support, for which I thank you. I have done my personal best to keep this website engaging, the forums and social media outlets welcoming and relatively drama free. It’s been a joy to watch every outlet continue to grow and our community strengthen in numbers. Within the next few months, we should be welcoming our 50,000 ChopCult member. That is a huge testament to the site as it shows me and the owners that YOU enjoy what we have going on.


There’s no hidden secret that social media is where everyone is at. Hell, I spend most of my days there entertaining the masses. One of my many goals with social media has always been to get people back to the website. Another has been to build a better community, one motorcycle enthusiast at a time, and to support those who continue to support ChopCult. I’m happy to report that Instagram has gained 186,000 followers and Facebook holds steady at 249,000. The ChopCult blog (yes I said it, blog!) just rolled 200,000 true looks. All of these numbers prove to me that the long hours of endless promotion works, as the website analytics continue to flourish.


The forums remain active and useful. There are over 20,000 threads offering advice, how-tos, and personal build threads. Thanks for using these threads, to help yourself move forward with your latest project. And if you haven’t checked them out in a while, jump on there! The forums were created for the members to express themselves while also adhering to a certain code of ethics. We appreciate you helping keep the forums drama free and engaging. We also appreciate those who continue to use the classifieds on a daily basis. There’s been a lot of rusty gold passed along the way through honest dealings and for that we thank you.


Photo by Heath Braun

ChopCult has supported many grassroots and mainstream events throughout 2016. We continued to bring like-minded people together and helped each event grow within their community. We had the opportunity to be on location for a few and it’s always refreshing to hear people say they enjoy ChopCult as a whole. Thanks for supporting events like Strange Days, Ride To Skate, Moto Mania, Bombing Run, Born-Free, Alien Run, The Crick Out, Oily Souls, Giddy Up, Mama Tried and the Kernville Kampout. Looking at these events, there’s a wide range of entertainment provided and a good time to be had for everyone. Basically, there’s an event or gathering out there with your name on it and it’s up to you to support them. There’s no hidden agenda as to what events ChopCult chooses to supports, if you like it, we like it too. Some events prefer not to have sponsors which is totally cool with us. Sponsors or not, you should create an event listing to get people stoked on what you have going on.


We've continued to stand together as a community through our #chopcultaaa program, which has helped many stranded riders get back on the road. ChopCult followers have also helped recover many stolen bikes by spreading the word through social media. Nothing's more enjoyable than watching total strangers put down the remote and help a fellow rider out. I think it speaks volumes against today's "me-me-me" society, and I applaud everyone that has helped along the way. There are many times that we can't help everyone, and for those times, we would suggest that you get yourself a BAM Card from Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys. This free card offers you FREE nationwide roadside assistance, delivery of tools, parts, gas, tow, and legal advice if needed.


Photo by Brandon Fischer


On a personal note, I set many goals in my life and job at hand. Once a goal is attained I celebrate it and immediately set another one. If you look back at these years in reverse features you will see many milestones over the past four years. I have to admit that some were only achieved by the help of others. I would like to thank Jason, Daniel, Bear, Brandon, WayneMichaelAllen, Ryan, Nick, Jay, Virginia, Jeff, Jesse, Brian, HeathAndrew, Twila, Johnathon, Ryan H., Steve, Tattooo, and Kim for your content contribution, help, support, and friendship. You are a vital part of this team and are deeply appreciated. Here are some of the fabulous features created by them for your enjoyment.



Stainless Steed By Prism Supply

Daily: Magnus Westermark's 1957 Panhead



Kernville Kampout 2016

Scot Santore's 52 Panhead



Apocalypse Run 9

Randy Owens' CB750



The Mistress

Bombing Run 2016



Synthetic vs Non-Synthetic Motorcycle Oils At Start-Up!

Nick Merry's Flathead



Slutty Sally

Hippy Killer Hoedown 8



Battie Flattie

El Denver's



Lemmy's Shovel

Heath Braun - The Great White Bison



AE's Salinas Sportster

Rob Dalby's 1972 BSA



Texas Tea

Bill Farrelly's LoveMachine



Daily: Shane Burkholder's 1968 Triumph Bonneville 

Tomorrow's Dream



Vanilla Ice

Gypsy Run 9


In closing, I would like to thank Biltwell, Lowbrow Customs, Cycle Zombies, Old Bike Barn, Rolling Heavy Magazine, Dixxon Flannel Co., Nash Motorcycles, Led Sled Customs, Burly Brand, Voodoo Vintage, Choppahead Kustom Cycles, No School Choppers, Slim’s Fab Farm, Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys, S&S Cycle, The Speed Merchant, Support Good TimesChop Source, Duane Ballard Custom Leather, So-Cal Cycle Swap Meet, Bison Motorsports, and any advertiser in the past for your support. You are the reason this little engine keeps on running. Thanks to Cycle Source Magazine, Dice Magazine, Greasy Kulture, Show Class Magazine and Basket Case for supporting us. Thanks to every builder that allow us to feature their bikes, every shop that welcomed us, and to the event promoters for your hard work and dedication to the industry. I would also like to thank every member for sticking with us and using the site as it was meant to be used. We have a few changes coming up in 2017 that will benefit you. We will be updating the mobile site to a user-friendly platform, plan on delivering more content from features, how to articles and video. We will continue to bring you engaging content and provide a welcoming space for you to enjoy. To every reader out there, if you like what you see here or on social media, become a member, it's free, and enjoy the finer side of life. And as always, if you have any suggestions for changes and/or improvements, send them to us. We aren’t sitting still, and we don’t expect our members to either!


Wishing you and yours the very best for 2017.



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Commented on 1-1-2017 At 02:19 am

We also need to thank you Lisa!

Commented on 1-2-2017 At 09:24 pm

Thank you Lisa and all that contribute, keep up the great work

Commented on 1-4-2017 At 07:17 pm

Appreciate the hard work and dedication Lisa!

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