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    Default Morris M5 fit….STD cases

    Hey y’all.
    I’m about to convert my 78 shovel with STD cases over to a magneto, planning on the morris m5 kit. But I had a question: they sell kits for stock cases or ALL aftermarket cases. Lowbrow is out of the aftermarket one, and I have a 20% coupon I was wanting to use since it’s so expensive.

    Does anyone have direct experience with these kits? What’s the actual difference between the aftermarket vs stock? Can I run a stock kit on the STD cases?

    Thanks for the help y’all.

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    I think the most obvious answer is to contact Morris - ask them.
    Morris Magneto

    found a few things searching for STD cases morris mag:

    STD Development was bought out Spyke:
    Spyke Inc. Acquires STD Development
    Published by Cyril Huze June 23rd, 2011

    "Spyke Inc, the company well known for its high torque starters & numerous electric components, has acquired STD Development a specialist in complete high performance engines, cases, heads, cylinders and driveline components for V-Twin motorcycles. The deal includes the brand name, the good will, all inventory, all CNC machinery, tooling, etc. It was years that STD Development was struggling with many after-market companies using their products unable to get delivery of the parts ordered. Spyke Inc. states that production has restarted for their popular parts like the replica Big Bore Panhead and Shovelhead heads and cylinders used in STD engines but also by companies like engines manufacturer Accurate Engineering. Terms of the acquisition were not disclosed."

    2018 Thread: Help with aftermarket cases
    "I picked up a set of what I was told were STD Shovelhead cases. They look to be in decent shape, no cracks.
    I was going to start putting a motor together for a Paughco Easywide roller. Not really sure what years parts are going to work. Can't seem to find info on the numbers. Hoping somebody here could help point in the right direction."

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