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    Default V Twin "Tamer style" clutch retainer kit for '41-'84 BT's questions....

    I've had this kit just laying around for like 10 years and I dug it up today. Its a V Twin Tamer style clutch retainer kit for 41 - 84 big twin basket style clutch basket

    Hit this link and look at #9 in the instructions

    - It says to NOT use a steel plate on KARATA pri belt drives before installing clutch plates
    - But if installing on a Primo, Phase 3 or Super max belt drive, use an extra steel plate before installing the clutch plates.

    Why the difference?

    I believe I have a BDL pri belt drive: Should I go with the extra steel plate or not as in #9 above?

    Who's ran this kit and your thoughts?
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