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    Default Leaking valve covers - S&S P93

    Title says it all - and the root of the issue is the S&S provided gaskets are rubber and the valve cover bolts keep backing out…

    Doesn’t leak when I retighten the bolts…

    Is the best solution to get different gaskets, or use a thread locker (which I hate to do), or just suck it up and retighten the bolts every couple months?


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    There is nothing wrong with anaerobic thread locker used per instructions. It's used on billions of fasteners in production. I used it on all sorts of hardware without problems and nearly always use red Loctite gel for convenience. I don't use absurd amounts on small fasteners.

    Don't forget to clean both threads with a non-residue producing solvent like brake cleaner first.

    Non-hardening sealants are best for flexible rubber gaskets because those are used on parts expected to shift a bit during use. Permatex High Tack and Hylomar Blue work well. I've not used Permatex 85409 for rubber but I've never seen a "bad" sealer, just people using the wrong sealer for their application because they go by "monkey see monkey do" instead of reading a bit on manufacturer websites.

    The technically smart play would have been S&S using form-in-place gaskets (appropriate sealants like Toyota FIPG) but so many owners would fuck that up I see why they didn't.
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