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    Default WL vs UL Why not the UL?

    20 years ago I restored a WLA, 45 incher of course.

    In that 2 year build period I did ALLOT of homework on the 45 in both civvy and military dress. It was easier/cheaper back then to restore a WLA. All the B/O military and mil specific attachments were cheap and plenty of vendors were out there that had them. Whole trannies, WLA fenders, gas/oil tanks, etc. The real things, not repops. And anything related to the motor and tranny were plentiful: Hell I got a set of MIL SURPLUS, with actual dated service bulletins from the Army, in a set of crank bearings and piston rings I ordered once, still in the cosmoline (I still have the boxes and bulletins) I got a whole tranny, NEW, for $250

    Stock WLA and WLs have a top speed of about 45 MPH. Allot folks find that hard to beleive, but its all relative. The tanks, trucks, jeeps, etc back then had top speeds of less or about the same

    So I ask the question: Why didnt the military go with the UL instead? (If it was available at the time): Bigger engine, hauls more stuff, etc (Please leave the XA and Indians out of this one)

    And also, since the servi car 45 was made until 1974(?) why wasnt the UL used instead or eventually? Again, bigger motor, hauls more shit, etc
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