About a year ago, I picked up this haggered Indian dirt bike on a whim. I know, it looks like trash (and probably is), but at the moment it's almost "preserved". I say "preserved", because I'm new to restoring/fixing up old bikes. Also, a complete and expensive restoration is overkill for this thing, let's face it, it's a glorified mini bike, but i had never seen one so I bought it.

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NOTHING on this bike is perfect, but since picking it up I've thrown on new paint and sourced every. single. nos part I needed (That was a pain). Im talking wiring harness, seat, headlight everythin. It's an Indian me-76, 70cc 6 speed 2 stroke street legal enduro type thing. Anyways, here's a "what i started with" pic with more to come. Cheers