This will be a somewhat controversial topic for some, but here it goes:

Independant shops. Myself, I beleive most are running away thier own business: Why? Overall attitudes.

Now understand, I have been riding HDs since my first, bought at auction from my city back in 1978. Pans, shovels, evos, a flatty, and most work I did myself, but parts I always got from my local indy guy, and sometimes labor as well

But its seems most of the local indy shops I have been to over the last two - three years fall into one or all of the below:

1. "I am doing you a favor by just being here". Many seem to look down on walk ins, and frankly, treat folks like they are clueless, ESPECIALLY if you bring in a shovel or pan. Like they are the gods of MC repair, and they are the only people that can save your older ride

2. I am old school, and you are not. Kneel to me

3. Cant take time to get you parts.

Three examples below: And frankly if you are local to me, you will know who I am taking about

Woodland Park Co: My 60 FL was giving me serious sump type fits and would not fire: Left it at the local shop. I would call once a week, half of the time he wasnt even there. So I would drop by after work, yep, hes not there 90% of the time I drop by. SEVEN months later, still not done. He also left my scoot out in the weather: rust now on most chrome parts, mud daubbers in the cylinder fins, and still not done. Great talker, like a car saleman, not much on getting it done. So I said FI, I paid for his time, bike still would not start. I got super screwed on that one

Divide Co: Needed tires: The one guy there took his time to greet me, but I waited. Finally took my order. When I didnt get a call after 3 weeks, I went by. He never even ordered them. And yes, I paid when I ordered. Yes, I asked for and got my $$$ back. But the shop is great for parking HDs outside like he is getting it done

Colorado Springs: This guy was so up front "Tough Guy" and "why are you here attitude", I just walked out

Understand, I go into shops freindly and as a customer. I am HUGE on wanting to support locak SB's: But thats what not what you get in return at least here in this area......

I find three indy shops in basically a 60 mile radius having s---t sandwiches for customer service a fairly large % in a narrow space

Yeah, I get it, its personality driven: But when SBs are supposedly hurting, dont blame the public when you run out of funds and have to shut down because you treat the public like we aint worth the time.

There are allot of folks out there that have thier first scoots, or are building them: And these seem to be the folks that might suffer the most from "I am superior" attitudes: And some of you wont like this either: Look at some of the responses some folks post here on this very forum.

Flame throwers, the firing range is now live......................