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    Default My newest creation: the Tiny Suckerô️ air cleaner

    The smallest air cleaner that's not a velocity stack! Arlen Ness has the Big sucker, I have the Tiny Sucker. 3.25" in diameter, and 1.5" deep (incl the backing plate). I'm just messing around here, I'm sure it's not the peak performance air cleaner or whatever. Never seen an off-the-shelf intake setup this small, and I was bored so I made one. Filter element is K&N PN 4188. Backing plate is 12ga aluminum, if the setup works I'll remake the plate in steel. Test ride later today, I'll report back on if it works well or not. This is the second version, and the first version used a stack of 2 foam elements; that one ran fine at startup/putzing around town but wasn't getting enough air at WOT.

    The components. Inner lip of the filter sits right inside the backing plate. I don't love how the countersunk plate bolts stick out, but they kind of pinch the element into place. It works, but is far from perfect. Needed to be countersunk so that the filter could sit flat on the backing plate surface.

    Hardware store didn't have anything shorter than 1/2", so I cut these bolts down and re-threaded the ends. Need 'em to be short so they don't punch a hole in the filter when screwed in.

    Backing plate with filter

    Top view

    Outer cover is made out of a stainless steel Coleman camp cup.

    Side view.

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    Nice work

    Myself, Id add a few more air holes, just me

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