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    Default Cone Shovel Kickstart Tin Primary

    I want to dich the open chain drive and go with a belt. I want to use a tin primary cover, the cover with-out the big lump over the front pulley. Not really sure what I have here and what I will need.

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    You will need a 1 1/2" belt drive, and an inner primary made for the alternator case. Paughco used to make them, and maybe they still do. That inner primary will accept any of the various style outer primaries available. It's a pretty simple set-up.

    You could also put the tin primary over your existing chain drive, if you use a solid motor sprocket in place of the compensating sprocket assembly that you have now.


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    Still in their cat ..

    PN 754
    For the ‘Old School’ look on 1970–early 1984 engines when no electric start is used. Some spacing may be required between motor and inner primary. Takes the place of aluminum inner primary. For rigid frame use, but may also be used on swingarm.

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    Thanks guys. I got a belt drive from you years ago Jessie for a Panhead, was a real clean set-up.

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    Boy are they proud of it, two bills, don't remember it being that spendy. Can I use an early outer cover with that, like PN 760?
    "Smooth custom cover for 1936–1964 Big Twins with or without a com-pensating sprocket"

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    One other thing, I seem to remember having a short output shaft or some such on my Pan's transmission. Will I need that? Do I already have one?

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