first....i have googled and read for a few days now. several diagrams saved.
forgive me for not getting it.

I have a 92 xlh 1200.
OEM ignition melted 3 wires. screaming eagle module btw.
bought dynatech ds-6.. 2 wires.

ok long story short. i chopped all wires to the front.
direct starter button and bare bones..

my question is. is there a diagram out there or has anyone rewired their bike for the dynatech ignition?
from my research you can delete the voes and ignition module because the dynatech peice does the work now?
if thats the case. your talking about a whole dif wiring setup from oem correct? preferred

theres a guy that makes these harness but 6 weeks out. i would like to riding this bike soon.
any help is appreciated.