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    Hey everyone its been awhile since I posted here. I never did get my old iron head back on the road but I managed to pick up a 2001 FXD. Finally I found one of those too good to believe deals and fortunately I had the cash on hand to pick it up.
    Shes got 16,000 on the clock and shes pretty much all stock. Im going to keep her stock this summer and do the oil, primary, transmission and fork oil along with the cam tensioner shoes.
    This winter Ill do the front and rear wheel bearings, neck bearings, and swing arm bearings. Because I cant leave well enough alone I will probably get some cams, 95 pistons and a bore, along with some head work.
    If Im missing anything as far as service stuff let me know.

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    Your bike is really cool man.

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    Thanks man.
    I want to do the stage 0 (regular maintenance) on it this summer and ride as much as possible. I can get an idea of what I want to change and then this winter I can start with 95” bore and pistons etc.

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    Nice upgrade over an Ironhead (which for most people are a mistake).

    The sooner you inspect the tensioner shoes the better because a ruined engine is an expensive annoyance. Do a crankshaft runout measurement before choosing an upgrade.

    Replacing brake fluid is cheaper than parts and easy to do. A dab of anti-seize on the brake bleeder threads prevents them from seizing.

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