I am now over powering my clutch. It was fine before with the old engine. Now, I am slipping it. It has been getting worse.

I replaced it with a set of ALTO Reds, steels and a 5 stud drum, barnett stock springs and a flat aluminum release disk/pressure plate on the outside.

I have to really crank the springs down past stock setting to make it hold better and the clutch handle effort is getting very high.

In fact, it has slipped SO BAD and for SO LONG, I expected it to be burned up.. So, I go to put a new ALTO Carbonite clutch in it today and I find it is perfect. No damage. Like brand new. It just slips.

I want a wet clutch setup that will hold up to my abuse.

In your opinion - Should I?

1) Install the Carbonite clutch and give it try? I am reluctant to do this because I think I'll just slip it also..

2) The holding power of a clutch is multiplied across the number of friction elements.. I can add more of those. Is there an easy way to do that? Someone would have to make thinner (wet) plates and steels to replace the ones I have. Do you have a recommendation or a part number?

3) I can just crank the damn springs down and add a mousetrap. But, I really don't want to.

4) I can upgrade the WHOLE THING with a part like this one:


Are you familiar with these? It has seven elements and a bellville type spring arrangement like the late models. This should make it stronger than my clutch, assuming surface area and clamping force are the same or better.

Do they hold better? What is the lever effort like? Have you used one? Is there a better or cheaper alternative? (Because this is like five hundred bucks.)

What direct experience do you have and what would you do to fix this?