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    Default New vs old Crazy Frank fender questions.

    Here's my first post ever on the forum so forgive me if this has been covered ad nauseum or if I break any norms with my post.

    So I came into some money and finally decided I would drop the dough on a crazy frank fender for my shovelhead. Tried to find an old one for years but never had the cash when they came up for sale, so I decided to get one straight from the man himself, but am still waiting on it to be shipped out so I dont have it right in front of me.

    My concern is that when I look at the new fenders and compare to pics of the old ones, it seems like the new ones all sit more tilted back and they don't have the little 90 degree support piece welded right above where the fender bolts to the frame like the old ones did. I know some of the angle obv has to do with suspension geometry, but even taking that into account, seems like they lay way further back now than the old ones did. Asked if they could refrain from drilling the second (non shock mounted) hole on my fender so I could tilt it forward to my liking and drill the second hole myself - havent heard back on it yet though.

    Im wondering if anybody has any experience with the new CF fenders and whether or not it seemed like it sat on the bike weird, or if you had any trouble getting it to look good or anything else. Im worried if I have to modify anything on the fender to sit how I want it to the seat might lay funny or get an ugly crease from tilting the fender forward to be less flattened out on the bike. I attached a pic of how I hope mine will sit and another of how the bolt hole pattern on the new fenders are - hopefully they work.

    Any thoughts, recommendations or experience with these new CF's would be much appreciated
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    Dont really know the answer to your question, but with even the most basic of skills I cant imagine it being hard to get it to sit the way you want

    There has been a new one (actual Frank's I believe) for sale on all the Facebook bike groups for $1500 with seat, taillight and sissy included. Was still there earlier today, seems like a deal to me.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Congrats on pulling the trigger, I've wanted one for a minute but the dad budget ain't got no room for one
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    Yeah I feel pretty certain I could make it work easily if its just a matter of popping the holes where they should be. I guess the main thing Im curious about is A. if it is actually that simple or if theres any reason (clearance or otherwise) that it isnt, and B. wether the seat pan is rigid enough that it will look crumby or not bend to the frame/fender angle if I do modify the tilt.

    Guess we'll just have to see and make it work in either case! And thanks man, hopefully that dad budget will permit one for ya some time soon!

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