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    I'd start with a late generator engine (the alternator engines had the clutchernator piece of shit grenade) if you must, but since you're not committed to an Ironhead you can do the fab to install a five speed Evo and have something MUCH more interesting to show off.

    Ironheads were prettier than Evos but their engines are in the same utter junk class as their contemporary British competition with the main difference is Ironheads didn't quite manage to kill Harley but the British makes died. Back when I flipped IH for big twin money they were still common and still commonly broken. (Magazines rarely dared piss off advertisers so few mentioned the problems, another reason I don't miss them.) Evo Sportsters solved that problem and the five speed may be HDs most refined engine BECAUSE EVERY WAY IT ISN'T AN IRONHEAD IS AN IMPROVEMENT.

    Fabbing is less expensive than watering a dead plant and Evo conversions are certainly kool. One motivated Japanese even filed his fins round to look vintage.

    long and interesting. Going Evo means you can make something different, have an excuse to redeem your mistake, and get a bike different from everyone else's that you can ride the snot out of. In particular the conversions using the front half of a donor Evo and the IH back half are slick but the work to use just the IH frame is modest in fab terms. Example with hardtail:

    Have fun!
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