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    Took the rear head off 63 pan. Done rings about 300 miles ago. Also put some time on bench starter before mounting in bike frame.New rings are moly, cylinder oem 63 harley. Did plateu hone with sunnen plateau brush. Are there any visual signs that would confirm rings are seated? Molys are supposed to seat real quick from what i have read. Thanks

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    I don't know of any visual clue when looking at the cylinder walls. Of course if you see scratches or scuffing, you know you have a problem.

    Yes, the moly rings will seat quickly, probably within 50 miles if the cylinders are round and the finish is good. I've felt a difference in as little as 10 miles in motors that are kick started (more resistance at the kick pedal, and feeling the cylinder pressure come up as the motor is rotated).


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    Thanks Jim

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