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    Default Clanky sound from clutchbasket

    Hey friends,

    I have a problem with my clutch. So used to run a 3inch bdl belt drive , kickstart only, along with a barnet scorpio clutch. I already had the noise problems with this one, but i changed to the standard 1 inch (or so) beltdrive, also from bdl. I am aware of the ratling sound a open beltdrive does, while pulling the clutch, but on engaged clutch it stille makes this sort of clanking noise. Whenever i pull the clutch and engage it again it goes away for a few seconds, but as soon as i give it some throttle it does it again. So everything but the cltch is brand new. I am also thinking about buying a new clutch al together, but maybe it can be saved.

    Thanks guys

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    Post a video of it doing what your describing and we will tell you if it’s normal or not

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