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    Default Mutt Shovelhead to mess around with - trying to get back into life

    Here we go. Long time no see fellas/ladies.

    I've been away for about 2 years. We moved from FL to NC in the middle of a pandemic... to buy a house that needed fully renovated top to bottom. So we've been doing that forever. Some of you ol timers might remember that I started a project thread on here for a 1982 shovelhead full custom build. That bike is still in the garage. Still in progress. And once I start back up on that (probably this summer) I'll continue that thread.

    In the meantime - I picked up a '95 dyna low rider as a daily. That was fun for a while.
    But then I had some pretty serious lower back issues.
    That resulted in me taking a friend of the family up on an offer... to buy a '07 electra glide classic full bagger. Sold the dyna.
    Come to find some treatment and exercises that made my back WAY more free. Great news.
    Fast forward - the bagger just didn't do it for me. Was fun to ride. But just didn't give me the fizz.
    So I started looking... mainly for a shovel. To get back to a daily rider bike that interests me.

    (I know, long boring story)

    But here's what I found...

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Got a pretty good deal on it from a really good dude. Digging in now to see what all we really have. What I've determined so far is that the details list is:
    - jammer model?
    - super low slung hardtail frame
    - delkron cases
    - S&S 80" cylinders
    - dual plug heads
    - dyna s ignition
    - Super E carb
    - 16" 60-spoke wheels front and back
    - old panhead style sheet metal... I think it's all aftermarket (not original) but still cool
    - rotary top trans
    - kick only
    - 1.5" open belt
    - foot clutch hand shift
    - older adjustable rake (side car right?) forks/trees

    Not exactly sure what all I'm going to do with it. But one thing is for certain - I'm not taking it offline. Not going to do anything that prohibits riding it for any length of time. Has to stay a runner. But... I'll definitely be doing SOMETHING. Prolly black OEM style springer with a 21". Prolly full sheet metal swap - already got a lead on a sporty peanut tank. Different bars. King queen maybe. But frame will stay as is. Engine will generally stay as is.

    I'll post some updates along the way. But mainly just wanted a place to share, ask a bunch of engine questions (keep yer ears on Dragstews!), and in general - get back to the enjoyment of being a part of the CC community.


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    Welcome to NC!

    I'll be watching your progress. I've got a 21" wheel and Mid-USA springer on my '57. The build thread is here on CC.

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    When I bought the bike - I had the seller start er up. No big deal.
    Bringing it home - life got in the way and it's been a few weeks just sitting there.
    Fired er up yesterday - my first time kicking it to life. Was NOT easy.
    Didn't want to start. And kick only... made for a sore leg. Finally got it fired... ran... stalled.
    Try again - no dice.
    Decided to check the carb settings. S&S E. Basic. Went to baseline S&S tune.
    Took a while but got it fired finally. Idled a bit then stalled. Troubles again.
    Checked spark plugs - yea after all that kicking they were pretty wet. And HUGE gap.
    Pulled out a fresh set of plugs from the bench, gapped to 0.70mm (roughly 0.028").
    2 kicks and she fired. Way better.

    1. It has dual plug but only one set hooked up. I snagged a pair of the recommended dyna dual coils to go along with the Dyna-S ignition and dual plug heads. Just arrived yesterday. Going to look into a new coil mount, wires, etc to get all 4 plugs burnin.
    2. Oil leaks. Some from the trans main shaft. Bummer but it's not too bad. Good bit from the sump. Will have to check the ball valve. Other than that, the biggest concern is what appears to be leak (not really oil but...) from the rear exhaust port and some from the rear head gasket area. Bike runs. But with that much gunk spitting onto the header-wrapped rear pipe... she gets to smokin pretty quick and pretty nasty.

    1. I have a video of it running that is saved on the cloud (my personal onedrive account). Have you guys had success posting videos here directly from onedrive/dropbox/etc or does it need to get posted somewhere online like youtube or whatever in order to show up here as an embedded video?
    2. Will oil sputter onto a header pipe catch fire? Smoking a lot is one thing. Very annoying. But to ride down the road that way and have it flame up on me would make for a very bad day. What are the risks here in the sort term until I can maybe get the top end redone?

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    Well poop. Went out the day after all that above to try to fire it up... nothing. Not even a cough.
    Thought I was closer but nope.
    Time to dig a little deeper. I'm thinking covering all bases:

    1. timing check
    2. pushrods
    3. install the new battery
    4. coil and spark test
    5. check intake and maybe install new seals
    6. possibly carb rebuild
    7. perhaps install the dual coils and all 4 plug wires

    There must be something more to this bike. It's not happy. Up on the lift she goes.
    I'll try to post some pics along the way.

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    On bikes that have sat with modern gasoline in them, the fuel system goes bad quickly. Start at the petcock, and the in-tank filter, the fuel line, carb, and as you mentioned, the intake to head seals. Once all that is set right, and with a good ignition, the motor should start reliability and run. I would just ignore the extra plugs, until you get the thing to start reliability. Do the four plug coils, etc. after you sort the rest of the above. These motors are pretty simple and getting them to start and run is very basic and easy.


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