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    Default Building my first Harley one part at a time

    Well as stupid and expensive as this will be I'm going to start with shit and hopefully build something that runs. It's going to make me broke for a year at least, but fuck it. I'll never be able to afford a entire bike at once.

    I'm going to start this long nightmare with a EVO 80" with fucked heads and no rockers or valve train. Guy says the heads are repairable, but I highly doubt that. also no intake carb or ignition included. At $600 I am being an idiot, but I do everything the hard way. The add for the engine said the port work was an upgrade, but I'm sure the heads are useless other than making the engine look cool on my shelf while I find new heads. If anyone has shitty cheap ass parts your willing to ship to Canada I will take em as I can afford them. And I do mean any shit you scrape off your shop floor that will run long enough for me to get the bike built and running. I don't care if they fuck me over later, I'm fine with replacing all the cheap shit later on with more cheap shit and basically rebuild half the bike once or twice a year for the rest of my life.

    Here is the head damage. Both heads look like this.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Ha this was post 13 my favorite number and a sign of how this will play out.
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    Heads are wall art. Post bottom end.

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    Quote Originally Posted by farmall View Post
    Heads are wall art. Post bottom end.
    +1 on that, let’s see whatcha got yourself into.

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    Going by the title of this thread........ You can do it and don't give up......... Ask many questions..........

    I built this bike 100% from parts............ I started with engine cases with a title........... It took 2 years hunting for parts that I liked but I wasn't in a hurry..........
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    Well at least I got the rockers, but that happiness was short lived. (No cam or lifters) I cleaned up the pistons and jugs and put it together to look cool on my shelf while I find money to piss away. The jugs have 0 scoring and all the crosshatching. I'm thinking by all the shit i cleaned off the top the heads died right the fuck away.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    One thing about this build other than the Kraft tech hardtail frame I don't want a single new part on my bike no chrome no bags no fancy ass bullshit. I want a beat up rusty ass bike built from whatever I can get my greasy hands on. Just an oldschool bike I can rip around on like the lunatic I am (got papers to prove that)

    There are plenty of nice shiny bikes out there that would make a man cry if so much as a rockchip in the paint appears, and I want no part in it. If the bike hauls my fat ass around for a couple months before I need to replace some shit I should have spent more money on so be it.

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