I am considering mounting an auxiliary or "back up" Fuel Tank mounted to a sissy
bar on one of my bikes.
when doing a Search I basically found Nothing.
Back in the 70's There was a Guy in My area named Fats Noriega that built allot of
choppers & some of His Chops would have an extra fuel tank on a sissy bar.
& I have seen them on the road on rare occasions.
a few years ago I was at a pretty famous bar that I used to hang out, called Walker's Place
in San Pedro, & There were 4 old school chops all with fuel tanks on the sissy bar (a rare sight!)
3 were Knuckleheads, & 1 Panhead They were arriving at the bar when I was pulling out, I was so pissed,
cause I wanted to check them out, But I had to split & didn't have time.

It would be great to see a thread with photos of choppers with a reserve or auxiliary tank on them.
(Old or new).
There was also a Guy that built a panhead chop in the last "Greasy Dozen" bike build off & He had an
auxiliary tank, But His was mounted down low, near the trans, & He installed an electric
fuel pump.
Here is a photo of a shovelhead that I think was built by Fats.