I built a shovelhead chop a couple years ago (which I posted in a thread somewhere on here) and ultimately ended up selling it by posting it on social media and it went to a buyer in Japan. Since then I've sold 2 more bikes out of the country: An 81 shovelhead that went to Japan and just last month a 73 xlch that went to the UK.
Part of me says whoever digs these old bikes and wants them and wants to transform them and give them new lives and is willing to pay to get them shipped, they deserve to have them no matter who they are or where they are from. Its awesome to think of my old chop cruising the roads of Japan somewhere. Also we have sooooo much stuff from other countries including plenty of Japanese, brittish, etc cars and motorcycles over here as well.

On the other hand it's sad to think of a day when they were all bought up and shipped overseas and hard to come by in the USA.

What do y'all think?