Winter is coming here in the Midwest, I'm starting to tear down my '02 Sportster. Rebuilt the motor last winter and did a gazillion other things to the bike, this winter I'm focussing more on cleaning it up since it's performing great for me and I'm done fabricating parts for it.

My frame has a few lightly rusted spots, plus I've been wanting to clean up the stock tank mounts since I welded in bungs for the Fresco-mounted tank I've been running, plus I'm wanting to clean up a few other useless tabs and whatnot. Seems like a good time to tear everything apart and get that frame nice n fresh.

What's the consensus on spray painting vs. powder coating?

I get that I'll need to clean up the head bearing cup and swingarm bearing cup after powder coating, since it goes on thicker than spray. And I know that powder is much more durable and less likely to chip/flake than spray painting. If I spray, I'd do it myself and save lots of $$, but not sure I want to go that route if it won't fundamentally last as long. I've painted plenty of stuff before with good results, just not frames. What do you consider when deciding powder or paint for your frame?