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    Default Squealing Shovelhead

    The motor in the chopper pic of my intro is 1978 HD cases, otherwise everything else is all S&S 96 stroker kit, including the heads. When I bought the bike it smoked a little after rolling off the throttle. Assuming valve seals I took the heads to a local indy for new seals. Also took the jugs for hone and inspection. He said the bore/piston clearance looked good, sold me a set of rings and cleaned up the heads. I put it all back together, it's been a couple years now, but I never rode it much after that due to life changes. Anyway, last time I rode it a few years ago I noticed a squeal/squeak appeared to be coming from the left side. I thought I narrowed it down to the shift lever making noise since when shifting and not running it would squeak. Plus when I last rode it I usually wore a 3/4 helmet. Recently MO repealed the helmet law so I got the bike licensed again and took off the other day without a helmet. The squeal is much more noticeable without a helmet, only occurs when I roll on the throttle, lasts a few seconds then goes away. Frankly sounds like 2 or 3 belts squealing on a old V8. When cars had several belts. Comes on when hitting the throttle and goes away just as fast. But now it sounds like it's coming from the right side. Sitting still and no load on the motor it does not occur when I crack the throttle but, right off idle there is a slight chirp for half a second. Any thoughts on this wold be much appreciated before I open up the top end again to inspect. Going to open up the primary and look to see if anything is rubbing. I also put in a new clutch when I did the top. And BTW, it still smokes off the throttle like it did before I reworked the top end.
    Thanks, PDUBYA
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