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If the bike were 40 years old, it might be a different story. (But my '80 H-D still has its factory harness.)

Of course, after repairing a butchered harness, you might wish you had ripped it all out and started from scratch.

I make custom wiring harnesses for bikes and I am definitely not intimidated by starting from zero, but still, making use of the existing harness is my advice.

Hell my 79 FXS has the stock wiring still on it, it had the harness going into the headlight cut into now that is a LOT of wires because someone was to lazy to unpin it..... But I fixed it...

I totally agree, I also make harnesses from scratch........ If his harness it's to bad and I bet it isn't once you get all the added crap off of it it will be real easy to straighten out....... And I still say no wiring diagram will be needed with a multi-meter.......