So last week was my first full week of retirement. Pretty good week, got some miles on the Panhead ( thanks Jesse ), cleaned the garage a bit, even started getting materials together to remodel the downstairs bathroom.

Then Sunday night dinner didn't agree with me or something, spent the night puking and my damn body ached like hell. Next morning chest hurt like a son of a bitch. Well I bet you can guess the rest, called the Doc, went to the ER and sure enough I was having a damn heart attack. They took me right into the O.R. pumped a ballon in the artery and put in a stent.

I am sitting here in a freaking hospital bed but at least I feel pretty good. The one artery was 100% clogged and I have another that is about 90%. I get to go home tomorrow and then I go back in 3 weeks to have the second one opened up. Only downside is I am not supposed to use the arm where they snaked the tool in. Should have that back in use in 2 weeks.

I'm telling you this retirement thing is turning into a big pain in the ass, lol.