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    Default 95 Sportster Build

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    I thought I'd finally make a post since I've taken so much inspiration from here. This started as a stock 95 1200 that I picked up with 10k miles last fall. I took advantage of my downtime during the spring to finish it up.

    This was my first time doing paint. Our spring was unusually cool, so I had to wait until May to do it and finished just in time before the heat and humidity really piled on. It's pink and purple kandy over silver metal flake (with bats). The bike is lowered front and back and the bike was completely rewired. I do bottom out a bit on big bumps, but it's a surprisingly comfortable ride.

    Mechanically, I just freshened everything up because I wanted this to be reliable for commuting. This winter, I'll probably change out the controls from stock, trim the covers, and do a few other little things, but I got to the point where I just wanted to ride it! Just finished a 300 mile trip and had no issues other than blowing out cheap LED tail lights. I have an incandescent in there now that is working fine.

    This is pretty mild compared to most of the bikes on here. I want to delve in deeper on a shovelhead.
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    Looks nice, love the paint.

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    Thanks. It's all spray paint & rattle can 2k clear. Here's tank & fender after polishing. I made a ton of mistakes but I wanted to try it this way to see if I enjoyed doing it before investing in a compressor and all the supplies (spoiler: I did and I am!). Man, doing smooth curves with tape is not easy, especially parallel ones, and my inexperience shows.
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    Wow man, nice job for your first time doing paint. I think that's a perfect sportster, trimmed down, not heavily modified and can be a daily or a long trip bike.

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    Thanks man! Your bike was a big inspiration, even though the style is different.

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    Sweet ride - nicely done. Spray can paint? I'd never have thunk it possible.

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