Hi all, happy 4th!

Iím looking for some 10Ē apes, probably ďnarrowĒ but I donít want the to V out. Having trouble finding exactly what Iím looking for. I hate to even type this sentence out, but in case I canít get a pic to work, the look Iíd like is found if you google ďBrad Pitt Indian Larry bikeĒ- I donít know when I first saw this bike, but itís badass, Brad Pitt aside- no idea, I donít know the fucker. Seems heís got some cool bikes though. Flame if you must, Iím just looking for some fucking bars!

Iíve got Biltwell chumps on now, I donít think I want the full 12Ē of standard apes. Had a little minor high side last week, itís afforded me the opportunity to change some shit up!Click image for larger version. 

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