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    Good to know about the mag case mismatch. That stuff is why I enjoy your threads. Nice blend job!

    V-Twin must have had a clueless salesdroid fielding questions since any machine shop can compare to a known good gear first by mic'ing diameter but also by (more complex) checking pitch and profile. They just don't care so I do not want their gears in anything I own because if they fuck up the tooth profile that can make a lot of chips in a hurry or gradually make small chips slowly.

    Eastern Motorcycle Parts in SC makes and if 32531-36 is not the correct PN they may make the correct one.

    Gears are complex to machine (especially worm gears) and doing that right is more demanding than simple castings like heads which are basic milling, drilling, reaming and tapping. I can live with their repop heads but please no V-Twin gears in my engine as your ordeal tells me they have no fucking serious QC department despite slinging more than enough volume to have proper inspections done or do it on premises. It would suck to have one of their trash gears waste an engine.

    Making their customers their QC is bullshit but many firms do that because their management are greedy fucksticks.

    If the ChiComs making the worm gears can't be arsed to measure them then everything else including heat treat and alloy is questionable too.

    Note to others less familiar: If ya need to check engagement on any gear one way is clean with brake cleaner then hit all the teeth with a blue or red thick Sharpie (thinner and neater than Dykem, most machinists carry Sharpies these days) before running them against each other manually.

    "Weird" is what it is ...
    Indeed but also built like a brick shithouse. I don't envy anyone machining that much stainless but it appears they got it right.
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