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    Default Brand New Super E Won’t Start After Install

    I chopped up a ‘99 Sportster 1200 2 winters ago and have been having endless intake issues since, which I always found strange since the carb was never altered or even removed from the motor. After exploring every last possible option and possibility with the CV carb flooding and subsequent motor cutout, I decided to toss it and get a new s&s super e.

    Lo and behold, the bike fails to start and soon begins spitting gas just like the stock CV within a few tries. Only this time, instead of draining from the overflow hose like it did on the CV, gas seems to be dripping from the throat. Has anybody had this issue after installing an S&S before and/or have any bright ideas? Much appreciated in advance! The other bikes are on the chopping block for now and I’m itching to get this one back on the road.

    Note: the super E is equipped with a speed dealer velocity stack with screen & aftermarket enrichment knob; OEM install instructions were followed to a T
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