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    Default HELP! Transmission swap question.

    Hey all I have a 83 FLHTP Evo Motor with Shovelhead ratchet top clutch release. I keep having issues with clutch gaining to much slack and I have replaced the clutch pack, replaced the clutch cable and finally was told to check the throw out bearing. Found that the clip that holds the thrust washers and wafer bearing on the push rod had came off and the washers and bearing came off.... so no wonder the adjuster had to be adjusted all the way to have any tension in the clutch handle. So replaced that and went less that 200 miles and mostly highway and it happened again. When checked again I found that the thrust washer had now ground off one of the rounded lifts on the release finger. and shredded the wafer bearing. So was looking at replacing the trap door on the transmission with a different trapdoor and then putting on a ball and ramp clutch release then when realizing how much was involved in this I realized I could just as well change out the whole transmission. Now my problem is I have a 83 Shovelhead transmission case is stampsed with BS8026 and I have a 88 FSTC that was totaled but teh transmission and engine are still good and I want to take the transmission from the 8 and swap it in place on the 83. The 88 transmission is stamped with C H 2269. No other numbers are found on these and I can not find anything if I can put the 88 trans in the 83. I know the spline is tapered on both the 88 and on the 83, Everything looks like it would line up on the primary side. Does anyone know for sure if this is possible or is this going to be a try it and see kind of thing? With this Coronavirus crap keeping everyone home it kind of getting to me and because of the age of my bike no shop around here knows or is willing to work on it. And to make matters worse I am not a mechanic... hell not even a backyard mechanic just a guy who rides old bikes and has learned what I know from then breaking down LOL. Please help.

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    its very important for the clutch with washer style throw-out bearings to be properly adjusted or they fall apart in no time. They are notoriously weak and famously leaving bikers on the side of the road with no clutch release action so most upgrade to the early top hat throw-out bearing.

    im not too familiar with EVO transmissions but those shafts should be the same and so will the throw-out bearings

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