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    Default Another Evo Chop...

    Bought this 2002 Sporty 1200 two years ago, got it for $1500 in the pouring rain. Only had 9000 miles on it!
    Never rode it, immediately got a weld on +4 hardtail and went to work. I don't get a ton of time at home, so it's been a slow process. Since I've been home for a few weeks, made some progress. Might have to name her Pandemic (I know...not a pan, but it seems to fit..)
    Thanks to all of you who have posted your projects.. Most of what I have done so far is based off of what others here have done.
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    Default Couple more pics..

    Hard to get parts when nothing is open. Had to order small parts, tabs and bungs. Working plumbing on oil tank and wiring now.
    Got a wiring harness from Cycle Visions, kinda scratching my head now. I'll get there.
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