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    Default Rubber and other work glove wash assist cuff spreader.

    Motivated by current events but useful for cleaning any glove inside and out.

    Shopping cart handles are about as clean as a desert portashitter so I keep gloves in my truck for shopping runs and save them for reuse. I toss them in a pail of decon solution (gross overkill lipid destroying cleaner of your choice with CDC and military recommendations as a minimum, but ya ain't bathing in it so overkill is good), I leave gloves immersed overnight, remove them, slide over scrap PVC cuff spreader, scoop decon solution to check for leaks, then perform clear water rinse.

    Wire hanger and rubber band are display aids so I could take the pic.

    Ugly scrap PVC left ugly because none of that ugly (grinder spark burns, old weld spatter) is organic so IDGAF.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails cuffspreader_leakchecker.jpg  

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