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    Default Any chopper riders around Elgin SC

    Any old school style chopper riders in the Elgin-Columbia SC area ? Don't see much but big dressers and blinding chrome $20k machines.

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    I lived in Northeast Columbia for a good while and I owned a bike shop there for several years too. You won't see too many legit choppers in that town, unfortunately. My brother still lives in Elgin, but he's disabled and can't really ride anymore.

    I rode my Evo rigid all the time there, and it was pretty common to have dudes at gas stations or whatever think it was a Panhead. Plenty of "Harley riders" around Columbia, but wasn't any chopper scene there to speak of, at least when I was living there. Good luck and ride safe.

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    Elgin-Columbia was my first outting after training

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