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    Quote Originally Posted by tzienlee View Post
    sure I have,... I may live and ride in England and Europe but I'm from New York,...
    Freeport Long Island to be precise,....
    I came here through work with the Air Force 25 odd years ago and saw how easy going the cop's are here and how easy and lax custom bike rules and laws are, so I decided to stay,....
    riding here is very different to the majority of riding I ran into in the states,...
    England is small ,... someone said it could fit into Texas 3 times,...
    its small roads and twisty lanes everywhere and relatively high speed limits compared with the USA allows a lot of hi speed scratching simply to get to work.
    bike building here, even with chops is performance orientated, from tires to brakes to suspension, that and a history of café racer / chop combinations that has led to some real mean hi powered ''street fighters'' as they are known here,
    where in the US I would think nothing of riding 300-400 miles for a night out,...but usually at a lot slower speed and usually on real straight interstates, less performance but on bikes that are usually comfort orientated,
    ...just look at the sales of Buells,..
    I believe that something like 70% of them were sold in Europe as they did what other Harleys didn't do,...they handled and flew when cranked open.... use them Stateside as they should be used, and you'll end up in jail or shot by some trigger happy cop who thinks he's in Downtown Fallujah in an up-armoured Hum-V taking out insurgents, shit like that just don't happen here, for fuck sake, the cops aint even armed !!….try that in Newark on a Saturday night !!!
    A lot of nice curvy roads here in Upstate NY...

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    Quote Originally Posted by OleDirtyDoc View Post
    A lot of nice curvy roads here in Upstate NY...
    ya not wrong,... my sister lives up in Long Edy,.. a real small town/village near Hankins on the Delawere, just over the border from Honesdale,... the road follows the river so yea, some great biking roads,... when I was last there the troopers followed me from Port Jervis all the way to her place so it was 55 or less,.... here you overtake cops doing 80+ without getting pulled over and then all they do is to tell ya to slow it down a bit,.... real gentlemanly like,.. hahahahah

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