First post on forum, so I'll say hello to all. This is my first go round at a custom bike, but I've built custom cars and roll cages for years. I'm an industrial mechanic by trade, so I have plenty of experience with welding, fabrication, and machining. I have acquired several projects over the last few years in varying stages of rework, but my question today relates to a Virago 750. I've seen on a few older build posts that people have relocated the upper rear shock mounts to lower the bike, one example on this forum is the XV 1100 chopper from Australia. The process is simple, though I want to make it safe as well. My plan, after cutting the tail off is to machine a piece of cold rolled round stock with a flat side to insert into the tube frame and hammer the frame tail flat to allow a solid and plumb mount point for the shock mount. Then I will weld on the mounts, seal up the tail, and weld a cross brace between the two frame segments. I'd appreciate any input into my thought process. I know a Virago isn't the most loved bike out there, but my first bike was a 1987 XV1100 so there is a bit of nostalgia there plus I got the bike, a 95 with only 11k miles and a squished fuel tank for free so can't go wrong there.